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Address Main Office:

Life Principles, 
17 Foxwood Avenue, 
Great Barr, 
B43 7QX.

Free Therapy Sessions

Look out for free therapy sessions to local residents in Great Barr once a week in a local Doctor's surgery. We are hoping to get this started in 2017. 

Other Branches (some in the pipeline - I can't clone myself quickly enough)

Manchester (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)
London (Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Haringey - from early 2017)
Brighton (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)

Malaga, Spain
Helen Basinger
​​Bringing more Light, health and joy to people and the planet by transmuting negative emotions, blocks, beliefs, energies and entities; using guided trance, hypnosis and tapping
Helen speaks English, French and some Turkish. Helen is an amazing person and if you are interested in a two weeks addictions workshop in sunny Spain during January and February 2017 then please get in touch with her. 

Lahore, Pakistan (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)
Puna, India (Someone wants to be trained but is afraid of the drug mafia who may not take kindly to this)
Tokyo, Japan (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)
Palo Alto, USA (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)
Irish Republic (Premises exist, just need to clone myself)

People are lining up all over the place to join us but the only thing that is stopping us is: 
1) adequate protection from the law for us and our associates,
2) a decent business model that is fair all around.

With the deluge of no-win-no-fee solicitors therapists take their life in their hands when they treat highly damaged people. Anyone who has a stroke, blackout, fit or shelf-harms before they come to see the therapist can seek compensation from the therapist if they suffer any of these things while under their care. The vast majority of people will go out of their way to protect the therapist but it only takes one individual to destroy a million pound business overnight and turn a therapist from a saint into a criminal overnight.

Therapists are always going against a corrupt orthodox system who want to maintain their monopoly on health at any cost. They have not only hijacked the law but other institutions who will do their best to bankrupt legitimate businesses who do not fit into their sick model of health that relies on pharmaceutical drugs. Therapists can't even get insurance if they work from home but they are also straightjacketed to conform to the system's limited beliefs - deviate one little bit to help your clients and you are in trouble. Also, your insurance will pay you to spend four weeks in a residential rehab costing £12k - £20k but with a success rate of 20% but will not pay a therapist just £1k-2k with a success rate of 80%. By the way, chances are you will lose your diving licence if you go through a rehab for 12 months (they have to inform your GP who is legally obliged to let the DVLA know you have come out of a residential rehab) and this drug or alcohol related blemish will remain on your records forever (and affect your insurance or credit rating) but with independent therapists like us, we will take your secrets to the grave. 

Open Invitation

We invite governments around the world, institutions and charities who want to help humanity to get in touch with us. We don't mind teaching this stuff to anyone in the world who is genuinely interested in helping people. The government in this country and the NHS have their own agenda otherwise they would be tripping over themselves embracing these bold new ideas which we have always offered to teach them free of charge. The UK is the only country where you cannot try out bold new idea's openly to help people and the NHS and the government do not have a protocol for most of the addictions we deal with at LifePrinciples. In the UK they would rather lock up all therapists or bury them in the ground because we damage their sick monopoly on health. 

Drug Addiction - Growing Curse In Our Society

Latest statistics* show UK addiction to cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and alcohol is by far the worst in Europe (20 times worse than e.g. Greece). Cannabis usage is also among the highest
If you want to know more please attend the addiction awareness meetings every Thursday at 3pm where you can ask any questions you may have on ANY health issue and not just on addictions and depression. Please call the mosque directly for more information by clicking the link below:

Is distance a problem?

If distance is a problem, call us and let us open up a venue closer to you. 

Our TV Programme

Look out for us on Sky digital channel DR Digital and Noor TV for our regular 1h TV programmes very soon. 

Phone: 0800 071 1991 


The entertainment hub of Birmingham has to be either the Bullring or Star City. The Bullring is the biggest covered shopping centre in Europe. Star City is the leisure complex of Birmingham. 

StarCity Birmingham
Bullring Birmingham

If you want the best curry experience of your life then you can't do better then Shere Kan in Star City. This is where we often go for a treat. 

Finally, if you have more time then why not go see Cadburys World or walk in our beautiful Walsall Arboretum park or stroll around the Forge Mill Farm, lake and the nature reserve. There is so much to do in Birmingham, your stay can be a very pleasant one. 

Cadburys World
Arboretum Park Walsall
Forge Mill Lake and Farm


We are located right near the junction of M5/M6 on M6 J7. This means its very easy to commute to us from Wales, London or even Carlisle. Or you can simply travel to Birmingham New Street Railway Station in the City and get a taxi from there which costs about £10.

The nearest train station to us is Hamstead Great Barr. This normally means a change over at Birmingham New Street Station. However, Hampstead is only 5 minutes away by taxi. If you need a taxi to get here from this station, then call Great Barr Taxi Service on 01212587777.

If you are travelling for the first time, or are not familiar with Birmingham, then it's best to just get a black cab from New Street rather then change over to Hampstead.

Speed Trap

If you are travelling by car then please watch out for the 30 mph speed trap on the A34 as soon as you come off the M6 J7 towards Birmingham. It would be a pity if you have travelled from a distance only to end up getting a speeding ticket when you are only two miles away from us - it would not be a good start to the therapy. 

Local Hotels

There are two hotels near us. Both the Great Barr Hotel and the Holiday Inn at M6-J7 are only five minutes by taxi. The Great Barr is a friendly family run business and offer good accommodation at an affordable price. We personally prefer the Holiday Inn at M6 J7 as it has an indoor heated swimming pool and fully equipped gymnasium. If you bring your swimwear you can enjoy a dip in the Jacuzzi, the sauna room, the stem room or just dip into the wonderful heated swimming pool. The Holiday Inn is used for business and can be expensive during the week (Monday to Thursday) but can be a real bargain during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Holiday Inn M6-J7

The Great Barr Hotel

There is a glut of accommodation in Birmingham. However, the closer you to us, the more likely you are to succeed with the therapy. If you are travelling by car, leave your car in the hotel car park and come here by taxi which costs about £5. We do not recommend you drive after the therapy (or sleep between therapy sessions, if they take place during the same day). 

The link below will show you all the hotels local to us including the two hotels recommended above:

Late Rooms

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