Will Phelps Needed Help for Gambling Addiction

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stop GamblingOlympic superstar, Michael Phelps has proven that he is not only the greatest athlete ever in the swimming pool but seemed keen to show that he was a dab hand at cards as well. However, many of his friends said he needed to watch out before he ends up needing help for gambling addiction.

The worry a number of Phelps' friends had was that his total drive, dedication and determination towards anything he attempts could be a cause for concern. Phelps notoriously had a win at any cost approach to life and he had been seen to exhibit a devil may care approach to playing poker.

While he claimed his involvement is merely for entertainment, some feared he was not far from requiring help for gambling addiction as he had already spent hundreds and thousands of dollars buying-in to poker games. Although he won a $100,000 first prize in a tournament at Las Vegas's, Caesar's Palace it was feared that at the time he was losing far more than he was winning.

For someone with such a driven character as Phelps, playing for entertainment can quickly turn into a desperate need to win and play one more hand. Help for gambling addiction comes in many forms but one of the strongest supports is the care and understanding of family and friends. It is good to see that Phelps had that back-up.