The Dangers of Internet Gambling Addiction

Julie Paarmann - Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Online Game AddictionThe Internet has brought many wonderful things directly into our homes, however things like internet gambling addiction is one thing that, with unchecked and unbridled passion, can lead to personal, financial and social disaster.

Internet gambling addiction is an increasing form of personal grief as its access is behind closed doors and drawn curtains in the comfort of your own home. Access to a computer connected to the Internet can, if not used carefully lead to problems and running up of uncontrolled gambling debts.

There are many invitations to get on-line and spend a few pennies, initially innocently enough with bingo or the odd horse race but soon this can become an obsession that is all consuming.

Much of its appeal is in its ease of use and anonymity and recent figures show that the rise in internet gambling addiction is not just a male cause for concern as many women sat at home all day are turning to internet gambling as a way to fill time, meet friends and win a few hands of poker or scratch cards.

For those hooked on internet gambling organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous or hypnotherapy treatment for gambling can provide perspective and relief from what can be a very devastating situation.

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