Internet Gambling Addiction - Figures Show It’s On The Rise

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Internet GamblingThese days, with the use of the internet, gambling has been made an easier pursuit for those looking for the thrill of the win. Unfortunately, for those with an internet gambling addiction it can be their very own hell in the living room.

Almost every time you switch on your computer and log in to the internet an advert for a gambling site will pop up promising players heaven and earth just to get them onto their site. They offer introductory rates for new members and once they’ve got you there and you’ve used up your "free" credits you’re hooked.

For most people it is just a simple matter of walking away when you’ve lost your money but for those with a compulsive addiction, like gambling, it’s not that easy. They want to recreate the thrill of winning, even if it’s just a small amount but very rarely do they win as it’s always the house that comes out on top.

The revenue from online sites is running into the billions as is fast becoming one of the most lucrative businesses there is. In these times of cutbacks and tightening our belts it’s the online casinos who are cashing in big time. So if you think you have an internet gambling addiction and want to stop then call a professional and get help as soon as possible, tell a friend or loved one about your problem so that they can help you.

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