How to Quit Smoking Cannabis in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stop Weed BirminghamThere are many ways to quit smoking cannabis but the first step in any of them is to admit that you do want to stop smoking. You shouldn't be doing it to please a significant other, employer or parent but because you actually want to.

Reaffirm the benefits of quitting smoking cannabis by making a list of the positive from living cannabis free, then list the negatives that using cannabis brings to your life.

Set a date in the future when you intend to quit. Note your quit date and work towards giving up. Throw out your cannabis paraphernalia, ash trays, lighters and the all tempting weed.

Create a support network that will provide comfort during the difficult initial stages, find a local group or visit a specialist clinic that provides addicts with group sessions to help discuss any problems. The important thing is having someone who is non-judgemental and supportive of your efforts, who will provide sound practical advice and be sympathetic to your plight.

Keep active, physical exercise helps take your mind off the cravings for a smoke. It will also help combat side effects like fatigue and insomnia. Improve your diet, look at a healthier lifestyle all round.

Treat yourself, set a milestone and when you reach it buy yourself something with the money you have saved from not smoking cannabis. All these are good ways to set you on the path to overcoming your reliance on using weed.

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