How Hypnotism Can Help You to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Julie Paarmann - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Addictions Program BirminghamThe use of hypnosis to overcome addiction is a commonly used tool, whether you are seeking help to stop smoking cannabis, give up alcohol or assistance with confidence building. Signals in the brain whether conscious, unconscious or psychogenic are all brain waves transmitted through the bodies nervous system.

The subconscious and conscious parts of our brain are susceptible to suggestion through hypnosis as an aid to healing, allaying fears or overcoming debilitating addictions. What a hypnotist can do is to change automatic responses to particular stimuli, be they cravings or feelings of unease in certain circumstances.

A hypnotherapist can induce a sense of calm or trigger responses to conditions. Clients can therefore experience a different sensation when they find themselves in need of a joint or suffering the craving for a cocaine hit. They may also be used to alleviate the discomfort and nausea that giving up relying on an addictive substance can induce.

Using hypnotherapy an addict can alter their subconscious perceptions of themselves to help conquer deep held beliefs. If your subconscious mind sees itself quite naturally as a cannabis smoker it is difficult to dislodge that thought. Hypnosis helps the brain to reprogram itself and provides support for will power and helps to bring about a permanent and safe change in a person’s self-perception.

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