Have You Got A Nicotine Addiction?

Julie Paarmann - Monday, September 30, 2013

Stop Smoking CigarettesIf the answer to that question is yes, then you are not alone with this addiction. Unfortunately, there are millions of people all over the world who are addicted to nicotine and it has now become the second most common cause of death and disease worldwide.

Studies show that there are in fact over 1.3 billion smokers in the world with 84% of these in developing countries. It is also predicted that by 2020 tobacco will kill at least 10 million people each year. These are very scary statistics that people should pay heed to and give up their nicotine habit before it becomes too late.

It's because smoking and nicotine addiction has become more popular worldwide that there are many places you can go to seek up in quitting. Once you have decided to give up smoking it would be better for you to throw away all of your smoking paraphanalia, including lighters, matches, ashtrays and the cigarettes themselves. Never keep a spare pack for “just in case” as this will lead to temptation.

Most people who give up say that they miss a cigarette when they go out to the pub, club or restaurant, these days this has been made much easier as you have to go outside to smoke and this doesn't give you that smoky atmosphere and you have to physically leave your seat to go and boost your nicotine addiction.

Give up smoking cigarettes!