Gambling Addiction Treatment And Help From A Loved One

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quit GamblingWhen a person has a gambling problem very rarely does anyone think of the family and loved ones that it affects. It's not just the gambler who suffers when they've lost all their money and can't afford to pay the mortgage, bills or any outstanding loans, it's their independents who suffer too. In fact in most cases it's because of their loved ones that they will seek gambling addiction treatment.

In this day and age there are too many ways for a person to become addicted to gambling as it is made so easy from just walking in your local shop and buying a lottery ticket to plugging in your computer at home, it's a dangerous world for the gambling addict and they can become very adept at hiding their problem from a close loved one and friends.

Most people would think that by telling a gambler to stop that would be it. Unfortunately, that isn't the case and you should try and talk them into having counselling for their addiction to gambling. If they ask to borrow money from you for whatever reason they come up with, try to say no. It will be difficult as they can invent some tearful stories of why they need the money but it's usually to go for a bet.

They do say that one of the best methods to help with gambling addiction treatment is to use tough love, this may be very difficult for a loved one to use but if you're trying to get someone to stop then you have to use the best tools for the job.

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