Fall In Heroin And Crack Figures

Julie Paarmann - Friday, November 15, 2013

Heroin Rehab BirminghamThe latest figures published by the National Treatment Agency (NTA) for substance misuse show that the number of youngsters using hard drugs has decreased. The survey reveals that the number of people using heroin and crack, who are under the age of 25 years and also the group under 35 years old, have all shown a drop.

The figures show that there are now below 300,000 heroin and crack users in England for the year between 2010/11, down nearly 30,000 from its peak in 2005/6. There was also a fall in drug dependants entering treatment programmes, down 16,000 to 47,2100.

While there have been more people breaking their habits and less younger people turning to drugs, there is an increase in older, hard core addicts over 35 years old.

Commenting the NTA said that the figures proved that positive drug treatment systems with good access to quality interventions led to an increase in the rate of recovery.

It is encouraging that the message about the harm drugs cause and the various treatments available to people are being heard. However, drugs do still form a significant problem in society and the sooner people are under supportive treatment the better for the individual, their families, friends and the community at large.

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