Booze Bracelets And Alcohol Rehab

Julie Paarmann - Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quit DrinkingThe stresses and strains of everyday life can have anyone reaching for the bottle to make it all better but for the majority of people it doesn’t become an addiction that they cannot handle. Unfortunately some people do become alcoholics and this is when it can tear a family apart and it’s then the children in that family who suffer the most, this is when alcohol rehab is essential.

As an aid to recovering alcoholics, who are separated from their children because of their drinking habits, the courts are now trialing the "booze bracelet". This is an alcohol tag that is worn on the ankle and shows if and when the parent in question has fallen off the wagon and had a drink. A mother who has been taking part in the trial stated that it is a good deterrent.

Although for a recovering alcoholic just wearing the "bracelet" isn’t enough, they will also need to seek help from a professional source, such as their GP or local Alcoholics Anonymous group. Talking about their problems in an alcohol rehab group therapy or one on one will be good for them and with the "booze bracelet" as a deterrent too, they will be able to kick their drinking problems into touch.

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