Beating Gambling Addictions in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Friday, December 27, 2013

Gambling Addiction BirminghamThose confronting the difficulties of overcoming gambling addiction have the tricky task of dealing with something that is socially acceptable and publicly promoted. Our high streets are full of betting shops, the television advertises casinos nightly and even a trip to the newsagent is fraught with temptation from scratch cards and lottery tickets.

While there is the thrill of winning in the casino or seeing your horse cross the finishing line first, there are many more desperate occasions when the odds are stacked against you and your ship doesn’t come in.

You can start gambling with discipline and control but often the adrenalin rush of winning takes over and it’s easy to convince yourself that this time your luck will hold out. Setting limits may work initially but once you’re hooked even these precautions can fall by the wayside as you try to land that one big win.

Avoidance is an important and difficult step to cure, especially as you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities. Steering clear of others who like a wager is also advisable; you will face enough temptation without stacking the odds against yourself.

Attending group therapy sessions where you can receive valuable advice and support from others who can appreciate the struggle you are facing is a great idea. Hypnotherapy is also a good way of getting help and providing you with the tools to fight your gambling addictions. Maintaining a positive outlook and occupying your mind with other activities or hobbies is another way of taking your mind off gambling.

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