Alcohol Detox Sees Increase In Female Drinkers

Shokat Ali - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Alcohol DetoxIn recent years alcoholism in the female population has risen and alcohol detox centres and help centres are seeing more and more women coming to them for help. From recent studies it would appear that far more women are drinking and are therefore developing drinking related problems.

In the past drinking has, for the most part, been seen as a man’s domain and very rarely would you see a female requiring treatment or help. Some people are saying this is because women are under more stress these days and that they drink to cope with problems of modern day life. However, studies show that this isn’t the case as, according to statistics, woman have it easier now than they have in previous eras.

If you check out the adverts on television, in magazines and on billboards you will find that most of them are aimed at women and it is believed that this is why there is an increase in females suffering from alcohol related illnesses.

It can also be said that a woman will experience more damage from drinking the same amount of alcohol as a man, it’s not known why this is and thoughts do vary but most put it down to a different metabolic rate. If you or someone you know needs alcohol detox then make sure you contact a professional who can help you.

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