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LifePrinciples was started 20 years ago by Shokat Ali who gave up a lucrative career in electronics and software engineering in pursuit of a lifelong ambition to help people through alternative and complementary therapies. Shokat obtained a Post Grad Dip (a project short of a MSc) and enjoyed many years as a chartered engineer. Finally in 2002 Shokat opened up his addictions clinic in Birmingham.

As he helped thousands of people with addictive behaviours over many years, he became an expert at it. Shokat can now deal with ALL processes and substance addictions such as:

  • Anything smoked
  • Anything drunk
  • Gambling
  • All pharmaceutical or recreational drugs

How May I Help You?

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them” – Dalai Lama

Energy Medicine + Hypnotherapy

Using energy medicine with hypnotherapy and a unique IV treatment Shokat can deal with everything right up to crack-cocaine, heroin, subutex and methadone, usually within days without any withdrawal symptoms.

Shokat is now learning FSM and Functional medicine that allows him to extend his services to include:

  • Any health challenges
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • All Addictive behaviours
  • Emotional problems
  • Beauty

Shokat with various energy medicine equipment:

Empowerment Through Hypnotherapy

Shokat has a burning desire to teach people about preventative health through knowledge and by empowering people through hypnotherapy. Shokat’s philosophy is simple, why end up with chronic degenerative diseases then try to treat them with expensive interventions when timely prevention can keep you safe and well. Almost all chronic degenerative diseases are lifestyle diseases and hypnotherapy is the key to facilitate behavioural change.

This philosophy has lead to the development of the following programmes:


Online Health Coaching Programme

This is a proven system that allows any person anywhere around the World to overcome any addictive behaviours (anything smoked, anything drunk, gambling and addiction to any pharmaceutical or recreational drugs right up to crack cocaine). This program should work for ANY substance (physical) and process (psychological) addictions, including but not limited to crystal meths.


Clinics On The Ground Programme

Some people require individualised one on one addiction treatment plan and for those people we would be providing clinics on the ground in many places around the World.
For opiate addiction (heroin, morphine, methadone, synthetic opiates and subutex) you will need intravenous (IV) therapy to take care of the severe physical withdrawal symptoms.

With the online coaching programme Shokat will teach people how to become competent at Phlebotomy, Energy Medicine, Functional Medicine, Assertiveness Skills and Hypnotherapy. So rather than feeding people fish he will teach them how to catch fish so they can look after themselves for life. The knowledge acquired will help people to keep their family, friends and people in their communities safe and well.

Some people will still prefer to have a customised physical intervention with IV treatment, energy medicine such as FSM and hypnotherapy with physical clinics on the ground to support this need.

As part of this healthcare revolution, Shokat can help people with the following issues:

  • Prepare the mind by removing trauma and negative emotions from the past
  • Prepare the body for chemotherapy, radiation or surgery
  • Accelerate healing after trauma, injury, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery
  • Deal with untreatable disease such as shingles
  • Get people off all pharmaceutical drugs

Loving Life Again After Hypnotherapy

Around April 2020 Shokat suffered with a massive emotional breakdown and for the first time he truly appreciated what people go through with suicidal depression, unabated anxiety, insomnia and not being able to stay in the moment. This is when you no longer feel comfortable in your own body wishing the lights would just go off and you could rest in peace, death is preferable to a life where you dread going to sleep, you suffer with nightmare after nightmare and you wake up in the morning with a massive panic attack. Instead of loving life you end up with a never-ending spiral of doom and gloom. If that was not bad enough, Shokat hurt his legs in Jan 2021 and became an instant cripple having to walk on all fours, even going up the stairs.

Antidepressants and sleeping pills were not an option for Shokat so he used hypnotherapy to get rid of the chilling fear and suicidal ideation then used FSM to sort out his inflamed brain, vagus nervous system and his legs. About six months later, Shokat looks forward to going to sleep (sleeps like a baby), no longer sufferers from anxiety or depression and looks forward to the mornings. His legs have regained their full strength thanks to the chronic pain protocols in FSM. He has learnt to love life again and wants to empower other people suffering from emotional or health challenges to do the same.

Here is his video-playlist of his remarkable journey back to health:

An introduction about me and my work:
Why we should use all our knowledge to help people:

Our Hypnotherapy & Energy Medicine Services

Life Principles has dedicated web pages for each of the services offered, please ‘read more’ by following the links below or in the main menu:


Quit Alcohol

If you have an alcohol addiction and have tried a residential rehab, NHS or agencies and failed over and over again then we are your last resort.


Quit Anti Depressants

Our anti depressant addiction therapy gets you off your pills easily and helps you stay happy for life. A precious gift that cannot be undone.

Cannabis Withdrawal Treatment in Birmingham

Quit Cannabis

Marijuana is psychologically very addictive and hard to quit. Using Life Principles unique system you will beat cannabis with ease.


Quit Class A Drugs

Quit pharmaceutical, recreational and class a drug addictions such as ketamine, crack, ecstasy, heroin & designer drugs quickly & painlessly.


Quit Cocaine

A very affordable programme to quit cocaine addiction in hours with us rather than through weeks in a rehab. Save a fortune with our help.

Gambling Addiction Help UK - if You Want to Quit

Quit Gambling

Gambling is more addictive than you can imagine. It destroys lives. Our clients have had great results with our quit gambling addiction therapy.


Quit Heroin

“If someone has tried everything and failed, they should come to us ‘says Ali.’ We are based in Birmingham and most of our clients drive over 100 miles to get their life back with our help.”


Quit Smoking

Quit smoking with our proven treatment, literally in hours. No nicotine patches or gum, no inhalers or nasal sprays, no needles or pills.



We treat insomnia quickly and reliably so you never have to take sleeping pills or self medicate yourself to sleep ever again for life!



Our anxiety and depression programme is unlike any other on the market. It uses advanced hypnosis, NLP, Timeline, bioresonance and Blue-Light healing* for truly remarkable results.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Our deep hypnosis programme helps you change your relationship with food. You will feel full with less food and you will stop snacking between meals.



Whether its the fear of spiders, driving, going outside, failure, heights, flying or many other phobias Life Principles has the answer with our deep hypnotherapy sessions.

Customer Video Stories

Shokat has hundreds of testimonials and updates the site regularly, but for now, here are some YouTube videos of Shokat’s clients talking about their Life Principles experience:

Life Principles Customer Testimonials

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