• Alcohol & bereavement - Philippa A

    Alcohol & bereavement

    I lost my mother in a tragic accident, and I am ashamed to say I drowned my sorrows with alcohol, I soon realised it was not going to change anything, in fact, if truth be told it made me feel more depressed. I rang Shokat and he put me back on the right track again. I felt like a different person when I left after the treatment and much more able to cope.

    Philippa A, Financial Controller, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Alcohol & Chronic Depression - Anna P

    Alcohol & Chronic Depression

    Well, I can only go on my own experience and that is that your treatment saved me, and I will always be grateful. Of course, as you have stated Shokat, the desire to change has to be present. 1 year 4 months for me :). Try not to be defensive, and focus on the wonderful tributes. As you say, if it worked 100% of the time you really WOULD be referred to as God, ha ha. I refer to your treatment in a video I made at New Year. I didn't go into full details as it's the story of my childhood till now, but you can have a look if you like.

    Anna P, Student, Sutton Coldfield

  • Alcohol & Depression through injustice - Sisi Ward

    Alcohol, IBS & Severe Depression

    I just wanted to let you know how good I am feeling, I went to for one week to Turkey after seeing you and have not touched any alcohol or anti-depressants, no cravings at all; in fact I feel great, I feel like at last I have a life worth living,
    People are beginning to comment on how healthy I am looking, I have been in pubs; restaurants with people drinking around me; it does not bother me in any way at all.
    My skin has improved, my IBS has improved; my outlook on life is now full of hope for the future. Thank you so much.

    Sisi W, Councillor, Devon

  • Alcohol, Insomnia & Manic Depression - Pam Vevereux

    Alcohol, Insomnia & Manic Depression

    What you have managed to do (with our daughter) in a very remarkable space of time – three short weeks – is to take her back some twenty years to to the sharp, lively, effervescent musician, performer, conductor, teacher she used to be.
    I am still trying to take in the fantastic change in her, and to stop asking myself if I am dreaming all this.
    I know you have not yet finished your work with her, but I felt that you are overdue, from all the family, our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for your work with Pam.
    Our sincere thanks.

    Jim (Father) for Pam V, Schoolteacher, Wales

  • Alcohol, Insomnia & Severe Depression - Philippa A

    Alcohol, Insomnia & Severe Depression

    I just wanted to say Thank you. I have just had the best nights sleep in years, without any anti depressant, or alcohol the first since 1993. I know you asked me to contact you in a couple of weeks but I NEEDED to say Thank you now. I feel great.

    Philippa A, Financial Controller, Stoke-on-Trent

  • Anti-Depressants - Peter

    Anti-Depressants & Self-Harm

    I tried to commit suicide two years ago and [since then have] been on very strong anti-depressants.

    I was trying to come off my tablets for six months [but] I couldn't do it. After one session I stopped [taking] my anti-depressants and I never took another tablet. For weeks afterwards I had the most massive high, feeling exhilarated and excited every day. I've had no problems at all, not even thinking I want to go back to my anti-depressants.

    I can't thank you enough.

    Peter M, business owner, Birmingham

  • Anti-Depressants - Ryan

    Anti-Depressants Are Ineffective

    A study at Hull university concluded that anti-depressants are dangerous and ineffective and the worse people to treat depression are Psychiatrists.

    In my professional opinion only 5% of the people currently on anti-psychotic drugs should be on them. I am totally disgusted with my profession who preserve their existance by the use of dangerous and ineffective drugs. Each doctor is worth £1,700 per day and most of the time they either give you bad advice, prescribe useless drugs or steer you towards ineffective treatments.

    Ryan, Psychiatrist, Midlands

  • Cannabis & Cigarettes - Alastair McGabbon

    Cannabis & Cigarettes

    I first came to see Shokat about eight-months ago for hypnotherapy and some bioresonance treatment (to stop smoking cigarettes and cannabis). I have to say it was incredible, I walked away and felt as if I have never smoked in my life - and it was wonderful.
    I didn't have any problems stopping, I was socialising - no problems with the nicotine cravings at all.
    I work as a sound engineer and it gets quite stressful - smoking was part of my job for many years, surprisingly that was an easy thing to put aside. Highly recommended.

    Alastair M, Sound Engineer, London

  • Cannabis & Cigarettes - Chris Ryder

    Cannabis & Cigarettes

    Since the first session of treatment [22 months ago] I have not had so much as one puff on a cig or a spiff since, and never will again! From day one smoking was no longer an issue for me, even when I've been around others smoking both, I haven't even felt tempted. Since quitting I have sent lots of friends to you to quit smoking cannabis (and other things), as far as I know, none of them have reverted back to their old habits again.

    Chris R, Fencing Contractor, Nuneaton

  • Cannabis & Cigarettes - Jean Wright

    Cannabis & Cigarettes

    I have been smoking since I was 16 years old. I wanted to quit because of a condition that my twin sister has. I wanted to donate a major organ to her but I had to stop smoking because I am 40 now, and I am not going to heal or recover as quickly if I have toxins in my body.
    I really wanted to stop and I came to Shokat and was hypnotised and I just found it so easy to stop really - I stopped instantly, the cravings went as I walked out of the door, and I felt elated - its that simple, I just stopped.

    Jean W, Community Worker, London

  • Cannabis & Cigarettes - Julie C for Son James Kemp

    Cannabis & Cigarettes

    You gave me back my son. He has not smoked or taken any drugs since you last saw him.

    I have told so many people of the work you do and what you have done for my son. I even took James to the Jeremy Kyle show That did not work ,,,

    There is no way I can thank you enough but may the great creator bless and keep you and yours safe and may he bless you a 1000 folds xxx

    Julies C (mum) for James C, Musician, Wales

  • Chronic and deblitating pain - Marie Risser

    Chronic and deblitating pain

    I quit drinking with you about two years ago and it was very successful. So I brought my sister for therapy for Fibromyalgia. She had been in chronic pain for many years and was on a sackful of medication that were not helping at all. My sister was almost suicidal. With all her pain and heightened anxiety you realised that you had taken on your worst nightmare. However by using a combination of therapy, electronic medicine, supplements and teaching you managed to get my sister off ALL her pills and virtually pain-free in six months.

    Helen L F (sister) for Marie R, medically retired, Devon

  • Cigarettes & Insomnia

    Cigarettes & Insomnia

    Still not smoking and next month it will be two years since I quit. I am sleeping well without sleeping pills. My worry about putting on weight was unfounded - I put 1/2 stone on and managed to get it off. I like your new and improved website. So glad I found you. Catch up soon. Take care.

    Syeda D, Teacher, Leeds

  • Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine Addiction

    My name is David. I am here (because of) cocaine addiction. I have tried everything, been to the NHS, been to meeting(s) there are all a waste of space.

    I came to see Ali and he has dealt with the problem. I am now free from cocaine. I came originally about 14 months ago.

    Slight relapse since Christmas, I am back again and now I am sort of free again.

    David B, Musician, Birmingham

  • Cocaine, Cannabis & Cigarettes - Israr Hussain

    Cocaine, Cannabis & Cigarettes

    My cocaine addition was getting out of control. I was also smoking cigarettes and cannabis. I was also finding it difficult to cope with my married life.

    My father brought me over from Preston to Birmingham for the treatment on Saturday. When I came back on Sunday I was a new man. I had no desire for cocaine, cannabis and cigarettes.

    It's been almost a year now, and I still can't seem to come to terms that I have quit cocaine so easily.

    Israr H, Builder, Preston

  • Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Alcohol & Cannabis

    Cocaine, Crack Cocaine & Alcohol

    I stopped drinking alcohol, quit smoking crack cocaine and cannabis with LifePrinciples. Six months later I started using cocaine but you soon helped me put a stop to that. My mum Caroll and my dad Brian also quit smoking with your help. My sister Gemma stopped smoking with the NHS but started over-eating which you also turned around in one session. We are so glad we found you and we tell everyone about your treatment.

    Dean H, Driver, Birmingham

  • Depression - self-harm - Amina Amin

    Depression & self-harm

    After the first session I felt more positive. I got on with my course work without hesitation – this surprised me. I felt calm and relaxed and there was no sign of stress I had experienced before. Not only did I make a lot of progress with my studies but I also balanced it with recreational activates by going out with my friends.
    Not once was I tempted to harm myself.
    All of the problems of my past were no longer bothering me. My complexion has improved significantly and I am no longer losing my hair. I can’t believe it’s possible to feel this good.

    Jameela J, Student, Solihull

  • Depression and insomnia

    Depression and insomnia Facts

    For a trillion dollar industry anti-depressants and sleeping pills have not demonstrated a single cure. According to one study 80% of the people on anti-depressants are not depressed at all. Another study found that anti-depressants and sleeping pills reduce the life expactancy of people by over 40%.

    The cost of keeping someone 'artifically depressed' with ineffective pills could be 1M over their lifetime.

    Info www.cchr.org and the public domain

  • Depression, Anti-Depressants - Guilt - Helen

    Depression, Anti-Depressants - Guilt

    I spent two years at The Priory and they never even got anywhere near my problem, however in hours with you my depression went away. All that pain extinguished.

    I cannot thank you enough I feel like a whole weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You are truly a remarkable, considerate and extraordinary man with a depth of knowledge that knows no bounds. Long may you continue to help other people as you have helped me and I thank you for your valued continuing support.

    Helen, Business Owner, Devon

  • Depression, Anti-Depressants - Hallucinations - Jas

    Depression & Massive Panic Attacks

    There are so many Asian woman that are depressed and put on anti-depressants and eventually sectioned for their own safety. Jas suffered massive panic attacks and was convinced people were trying to kill her. After about five sessions of hypnotherapy she was off her pills and free from panic attacks. Now she has a future rather than end-up in the many 'artifically created' NHS mental health clinics.

    Jas K, Medically Retired, Birmingham

  • Depression, Anti-Depressants- Injustice - Roy

    Depression, Anti-Depressants - Injustice

    Thinking of my father no longer makes me sad. Also thinking about the court case or the feeling of injustice no longer bothers me either. My wife told me that she has never seen me so relaxed.

    A few days later something happened when I was driving. Before I would have ripped the other person's head off but now I stay calm and relaxed as if it was no big deal. So something that took years of counselling and medication without success was sorted out within hours of your treatment.

    Roy, Medically Retired, Litchfield

  • Failure is not an option

    Failure is not an option

    For all problems, there are an infinite number of solutions, so if you are continuously flexible in your approach then you can solve any problem.

    With our programme, the only way a person can fail is to be totally inflexible and to leave the plan prematurely. If you run into any hurdles during your treatment, we will continuously change our approach and try different methods to get you to quit.

    If you can follow simple instructions, and commit to the full programme, then you simply cannot fail.

    Shokat Ali

  • Gambling & Alcohol - Andrew

    Gambling & Alcohol

    Being a sceptical person I didn’t think that Hypnosis and a Bioresonance machine would ever stop me drinking. How wrong was I! I haven’t even had the urge to sit down and mellow with a pint or two.

    As to the thought of gambling and going to a Casino the thought is just not there, I feel it would be just a waste of time, previously I would be checking matches on line, reading the racing form and having a flutter, but now I am just not interested. You just wiped the hunger for Alcohol and Gambling away.

    I am very pleased – thank you

    Andrew, Business Owner, Bournmouth

  • Gambling Addiction - Ben Twichings

    Gambling Addiction (Online)

    You,without a shadow of a doubt saved my son from the evils and destitute life of gambling. He has a very active social life [now], rather then being a secret reclusive gambler. He [has] gained his confidence back and is managing his finances really well. Thank you.

    Donna C for son Ben T, Coach, London

  • Gambling Addiction - Edward Presscot

    Gambling Addiction

    I just wanted to update you on my progress since June 2012.

    You'll be delighted to hear that since I last saw you my life has changed for the better and gambling is out of my life for good. I have not relapsed since and the very thought of gambling makes me sick. I would like to thank you for your help and for seeing me when I needed you most. Without you and the support of my family, who have been incredible, I would never have been able to release those demons and overcome my addiction.

    Edward P, City Trader, London

  • Gambling Addiction - Sunny H

    Gambling on Roulette Tables

    Over the last 5 years I must have lost over £50,000 on gambling. The stress of gambling was making me ill. I neglected every aspect of my life because of this.

    A week after my treatment I deliberately went into the bookies to see what would happen. I could see other people gamble but not once was I tempted to place a bet. In the past if I ever went to the bookies I would play and nothing could tear me away from playing roulette until I had lost all my money. I now have a life thanks to you.

    Sunny H, Student, Wolverhampton

  • Heroin & Alcohol - Sam S

    Heroin & Alcohol

    I quit using heroin with Shokat's help in May 2013. With the NHS, after a few days I was curled up ready to die and I could just not sleep for two weeks. With shokat, I was happy and smiling throughout the process and I slept like a baby. My mum and dad are amazed at the results.

    Sam S, University Student, Birmingham

  • Heroin & Methadone - Prem L

    Heroin & Methadone

    I came to see you in April 2004 to quit smoking heroin. I had been using heroin for 20 years and 40mg of methadone for 15 years with no chance of getting better. Within a week I was off the heroin completly with nothing more than a upset tummy and sleeping really well.

    Prem L, Gas Engineer, Birmingham

  • Heroin Addiction (17 years)

    Heroin Addiction (17 years)

    Before coming to see you I had tried a two week and a four week drug detox. The NHS also put me on methadone and subutex. After the first day of my NHS heroin detox, I was in absolute agony. I couldn't sleep properly for weeks.

    With you, the day after my treatment, I was smiling and upbeat. I also slept really well.

    The only side effect was an upset stomach that lasted for about a week. I completely settled down and went back to work after 4 weeks.

    Kevin N, Designer, Coventry

  • Heroin, Crack Cocaine and Alcohol

    Heroin, Crack Cocaine and Alcohol

    It’s been about two years since I came to see you. I was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol. My life was in turmoil. I was neglecting my business, my family and my own health. Since I came to see you my life has changed beyond measure.

    I have expanded my business and reaped enormous rewards. I regularly go to the gym and work out. I look after my body and my family life.

    My wife thinks it’s the nearest thing to a miracle and we tell all our friends about you.

    Jazz D, Engineering Co Owner, Sutton Coldfield

  • Most Pharmaceutical drugs are useless - NHS

    Most Pharmaceutical drugs are useless

    GlaxoSmithKline, admitted that half of the patients prescribed some of the most expensive drugs actually derived any benefit from them.

    The British Medical Journal study has concluded that only 10% of all pharmaceutical drugs are any good, 90% do you more harm then good.

    The NHS think tank has admitted that NHS flue jabs only help 3% of the people. They also reduce the T-Cell count storing problems for the future.

    The success rate of treating cancer in the UK is 2%.

    Junk Medicine, public domain

  • Nausea - Aeroplane Travel - Gurmej

    Nausea - Aeroplane Travel

    Travel sickness which started 7 years ago when I was in an air conditioned bus and could not open the windows. I would start to feel sick two weeks before I was due to travel. Then I would be violently sick throughout the journey both on the plane and on the transport to and from the airport. After the 4th session I flew to India and back. I only felt a slight feeling of being sick when the plane landed in India. Apart from that I was absolutely fine. My husband and I are telling the world how we overcame our ordeal with your help.

    Gurmej K, Housewife, Birmingham

  • Nausea - stressful situations - Chris Tugwell

    Nausea - stressful situations

    Chris had a gastric infection and was put on powerful medication. After that episode Chris would be sick if he went out anywhere. Travelling by car was impossible. His universty studies came to an abrupt halt. He was put on lots of pharmaceutical drugs which made his situation worse. After five sessions of therapy Chris managed to come off his medication and returned to Bath uni to continue his course and started doing really well. He is a happy confident young man and it's a pleasure to see it.

    Fiona (mum) for Chris T, Student, Cornwall

  • NHS Success Rates For Addictions

    NHS Success Rates For Addictions

    The reason why the NHS has such low rates of long term success* with addictions and depression is because of their inflexibility in trying new things.

    *NHS 2012 Reports estimate a lower than 30% success rate (not accounting for addicts who start using again (after a few weeks) and don't seek help after restarting). If you take into account unaccounted relapse rates, the actual success rate is less than 5%.

    The true cost for every success story to the public is about £100,000.

    Source: http://www.nta.nhs.uk

  • people want complementary and alternative treatments

    85% want alternative treatments

    An inquiry into homoeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine, not only from consumers but physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85% of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country's health insurance program.

    Swiss Government report

  • Phobia Driving - Ash Patel

    Phobia - Driving

    Even when in a car with someone else, I suffer from panic attacks as soon as I get on the motorway.

    After the first session of therapy I pulled my brother-in-law out of the car, jumped into the drivers seat, and drove off without the slightest hesitation. Later on in the evening, I drove back from my home to the clinic all by myself. After the second session I lost all fear of driving or going on motorways. Later on in the week I drove all the way to Leeds by myself, which is over 200 miles away without even flinching.

    Ash P, Sales, Walsall

  • Problem with affiliations and associations

    The Problem with associations

    The Problem with affiliations and associations is that life saving treatments can be withheld because they are not 'approved'. They also restrict flexibility in trying different things that might work. No doctor will tell you to go and try hypnotherapy when their drug-based methods have repeatadly failed to cure your insomnia, addiction or depression. If they tell you about a non-approved treatment protocol then they may be struck-off. They are damned if they do and they are damned if they don't. And who loses out in the processes? You.

    Public Domain

  • The problem with double-blind trials

    The problem with double-blind trials

    A Gov report, has expressed serious concern about researchers who consider randomised and double-blind trials as the ONLY means to determine whether a treatment is effective or not. Virtually all (85%) of surgical procedures are 'unscientific' or 'unproven' because so few have undergone randomised double-blind trials. Therefore, for a treatment to be determined to be 'effective' or 'scientifically proven', one must evaluate real world effectiveness which results from a more comprehensive assessment of what does and does not work.

    Swiss Government Report

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Hypnotherapy Birmingham - A Known Fact: 

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Timeline, Laser & Bioresonance, laser therapy in Birmingham it is entirely possible to overcome any substance or process addiction (apart from opiates, some pharmaceutical drugs or chronic alcohol addiction) in a single day. We have been enabling people to, quit cigarettesquit cannabisquit gamblingquit alcoholquit cocaine and crack-cocainequit designer drugsquit sleeping pillsquit anti depressants and quit heroin in one single day for over 10 years.

The orthodox method of treating addictions simply does not work for the vast majority of people. This is because the orthodox method involves a huge amount of misery, pain – and even desperation. Nobody needs to go through such pain and misery. You can overcome your addictions, quickly, easily and effortlessly without physical, emotional or financial pain. All you need is the desire to change your life by travelling to Birmingham and giving a leading-edge scientific method a try. We do the rest. Incredible as it sounds, people can overcome heroin addiction in just three-five days without much more than a tummy upset.

We completely understand why people are going through years of misery trying to overcome their demons. After all, people used to die painfully from simple infections before antibiotics were invented. But how many others died unnecessarily before these ‘wonder drugs’ were widely known about – and demanded?

The reason it can take so long for ‘society’ to catch on when there are better ways of doing things is our natural tendency to suspect the new and rely on the ‘experts’ in the ‘establishment’. It takes pioneers both to invent and to try out new methods, and not many people have the courage to be pioneers. Now that we’ve done the hard work, do you have the courage to be one of those who will give it a try?

There is a saying that the reasonable man adapts to the present circumstances while the unreasonable man tries to get the circumstances to adapt to his wants and needs – and the punchline is ‘All progress depends on the unreasonable man’. Be the ‘unreasonable man’ (or woman!) today by taking the first step to reclaim your life quickly and effortlessly.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) do not like our introduction above, that was written by one of our own clients through personal experience. Even though we put up a good fight the complaint was upheld so we have to change the wordings of this introduction. Anyway, here is our response to the ASA so we will let you, the reader, be our judge jury and executioner. 

If you would like to arrange a booking please contact us on FREE PHONE 0800 071 1991


  • “I no longer drink alcohol, have sleeping problems or feel depressed.”

    “Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling fantastic, tired but calm and relaxed and I’ve just put all the recycling out and the alcohol containers, just didn’t feel part of me, no guilt as usual, just indifference. Something definitely feels different, much more apparent since I got home.”

    “I feel really really positive about the future. You are so caring and dedicated, I will be giving you nothing other than the glowing testimonials you deserve. I am so impressed and feel privileged to know you and blessed to have found you, totally by accident, but I’m a big believer in angels and destiny.”

    “I notice you recommend Anthony Robbins. I’m a big fan of his and went to a 4 day Unleash the Power Seminar with him in London a couple of years ago (even he couldn’t stop me drinking though!)”

    “Thank you so much, I know what the lady meant when she called you an angel.”


    “I just wanted to let you know that all is going really well – no inclination to drink whatsoever, just the odd though but never any more than that – just no desire, feel very indifferent and to drink would seem mad to me – where before the common sense went out of the window – guess that’s where addiction comes in.”

    “I think a big part of is it is that the depression has gone completely, which is quite scary as you can only see how depressed you were once you’re out of it – not when you’re in the middle of it. I knew I was self medicating to try to feel better – or take the pain away – and I knew it wasn’t working but making things worse, but knowing didn’t stop me. I now feel ‘normal’ again, like I used to feel and it’s wonderful.”

    “I am still a bit anxious, I always was, but nothing like I was 12 weeks ago – I couldn’t answer the phone or the door unless I knew who it was, but I can now, and the behaviour changes will in turn build up my confidence and reduce the anxiety as time goes on.”

    “Oh and I’m not tired anymore, and sleeping really well every night.”

    Full testimonial on YouTube

    Alcohol addiction, Insomnia and depression
    Helen, Manchester
  • "My son has not smoked cigarettes or cannabis since you last saw him."

    I don't know if you remember me. But I'm James mum.

    I just wanted to say thank you. As you gave me back my son. He has not smoked cigarettes or cannabis since you last seen him. There is no way I can thank you enough but may the great creator bless and keep you and yours safe and may he bless you a 1000 folds.

    xxx (James mum)

    Hello shokat :)

    James campion here I was seeing you for stoping smoking cannabis. I am smoke free and things couldn't be better for me :) tho I have not found that special someone iI know that my energy will flow more in rhythm once I find her.

    My lungs are as happy as can be lol since I have not smoked I have more memories of things from long ago that I had forgotten and glad to have them back

    Thank you shokat.


    (James Quit Smoking Cigarettes and Cannabis With Our Help And Has Stayed Quit For Over Two Years.)

    Cigarettes and Cannabis Addiction
    James and his Mum, Cardiff
  • "I quit snorting cocaine with you in the very first session. In the next session I quit drinking and gambling."

    I have been snorting cocaine since the age of 16. I have been to a two week rehab (£8,000) and relapsed after a month and half. I had one session of hypnosis which lasted a day.

    I had six months of counselling and managed to abstain for three weeks. Then I had 5 sessions of bioresonance (cost thousands) and started taking cocaine after one week. I also admitted myself into the Priory for three weeks – they were RUBBISH!

    I quit snorting cocaine with you in the very first session. When I came back two years later, you also helped me quit drinking and gambling free of charge. My wife and I are more than willing to give you a glowing video testimonial during our next check-up date.

    Cocaine, Alcohol and Gambling Addiction
    James, Sussex
  • "What followed was nothing short of a miracle. I quit smoking crack cocaine instantly."

    I started smoking crack cocaine when my business flopped about ten years ago. It was all downhill after that. I held down a good job but became estranged from my wife and kids. I would blow the whole weeks wages in one day and was perpetually broke so my brother paid for the therapy.

    We travelled down to Birmingham with my brother and sister during Ramadan 2012. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. I quit crack so easily for several months, had one relapse, came to see Shokat again and he has put me back on track again.

    I feel that our prayers have been answered at last. We can't find the words to thank you enough, you have changed my life.

    (Waqar had totally lost the plot when we saw him. He was into everything, including, cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, heroin, valium abuse and visiting prostitutes. Its been about two years and he has overcome all of these challenges and built bridges with his wife and family).

    Crack, Cocaine, Cannabis, Alcohol, Heroin, Valium and Prostitution
    Waqar, Preston
  • "I quit MCAT (ketamine) and lost interest in pronography or to masturbate at once."

    I was addicted to MCAT (like Ketamine) where I would get high, look at porn and masturbate all day long and in the process I had totally lost interest in my wife. My family forced me to come and see Shokat for treatment. When I went back home I had no desire for MCAT, pronography or to masturbate. I tired to get high on MCAT and it just did not work, so I used more and more (I had lots), until it finally kicked-in and I started to get high.

    Nine months later I came back because I had enough and wanted to save my marriage. I quit MCAT and lost interest in pronography or to masturbate at once. The spark with my wife was rekindled by Shokat and I am grateful I carried on with the treatment.

    My wife is overjoyed with the new me and I know I will never go back to my self-destruct habits ever again.

    (Its been over a year now and Adnan has bought his own house and moved in with his wife. His life has moved on without those horrible habits.)

    Designer Drugs (Ketamine, MCAT), Pronography and Masturbation
    Adnan, Walsall
  • "I have not binge eaten or purged (thrown-up) once."

    Before coming to see you I would binge eat and purge 3-4 times a day and at other times I would eat really well or starve. Since I have seen you six months ago I have not binge eaten or purged once. I have also been in some very stressful situations and not once was I tempted to drink alcohol. Now how strange is that?

    I have tried every method to overcome these problems over the last 20 years without success. I thought I would never be able overcome my self-destructive, secretive behaviour but you have proved me wrong. I am glad I made the leap of faith to come and see you.

    (Suki is six months into the one year programme and already her life has moved on beyond recognition. Things can only improve for her from now on. Where the NHS with all it's might and endless pockets failed for over 20 years, we have not only succeeded, but at a fraction of the cost and time.)

    Eating Disorder (Bulimia & Anorexia)
    Suki, Uxbridge
  • "I went from a sexual wimp to a full blown rhinoceros after the therapy."

    I had been sexually inactive for many years then I got married to Emma. We wanted another child but I just could not rise to the challenge. So Emma asked me to come and see Shokat for some deep hypnotherapy and for the fitting of an external prosthesis device. We went back a week later to see Shokat after having broken the device - we no longer needed it as penetration was no longer an issue. Shokat has also helped with lots of other things around this problem such as controlled ejaculation.

    We got a chance to go on a three day holiday while our parents baby set for us and we made love non-stop for days. I went from a sexual wimp to a full blown rhinoceros and our love life is measurably better after Shokat's intervention.

    (Emma originally enrolled on our weight loss programme and I also got her to quit drinking alcohol. Then she told me about her husbands problem and I told her that something similar happened to me and I had tried to get help from some of the top hypnotherapists in Birmingham but they all turned me away - my reputation proceeds me. So I decided to use my techniques on myself and totally turned my sex life around. I can now help people with type 2 diabetes, suffering cancer, nerve damaged or even paraplegic get an erection and enjoy a sex life without the use of Viagra, Calis or Penile Injection Therapy. The way the medical profession treat premature ejaculation is nothing sort of criminal when all it requires is simple state control where you can go all night without problems.)

    Erectile Dysfunction and loss of Labido
    Kevin, Wolverhampton
  • "I don't know what you did to me when I came to see you weeks ago but my back pain from fibromyalgia has totally gone."

    I went on holiday after the treatment and totally forgot about the pain and painkillers. The off-body treatment with the handheld device together with the advice on back exercises and supplements after the hypnotherapy certainly did the trick. I came for weight loss but got far more out of the programme. I can't wait for me next session in three months time.

    (Christina only enrolled on our weight-loss programme and ended up with another benefit free of charge. We pick-up where the NHS fails miserably. When they put their put their up and send you home to die after assaulting your bodies with drugs, is when therapists like us, working from their homes pick up the pieces. The success rate for cancer in the NHS is 2% and they call that science, yet therapists around world working from their homes have been achieving over 50% success rate for the last 100 years but that's not real science but antidotal - they call self-evident truth antidotal and hide behind meaningless evidence based bullshit which are designed for victory for the big pharma and not for truth. self-evident truth serves humanity, evidence based research serves the big pharma and their sidekicks in the medical profession.)

    Fibromyalgia and Back Pain
    Christina, Great Barr
  • "You, without a shadow of a doubt saved my son from the evils and destitute life of gambling.

    I want to give you an update regarding Ben. You,without a shadow of a doubt saved my son from the evils and destitute life of gambling. He now has an account set up with the Building Society whereby he has a direct debit every month to save towards a deposit for a flat, which has a joint signature with myself( which he asked for) to take any money out.

    He is regularly coaching and has a very active social life, rather then being a secret recluse gambler. He is extremely happy and gained his confidence back. Now rather then waste money, he would rather save and is managing his finances really well. If anybody looks at the cost of seeing you, please let them read this. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so very very much.

    Please make it your purpose to help other people with this problem, before their life is ruined.

    Donna (Ben's mum)

    Gambling Addiction
    Ben, Solihull
  • "The day after my treatment, I was smiling and laughing (after quitting heroin). The second day, I slept like a baby."

    Before coming to see you I had tried a two week and a four week drug detox. The NHS also put me on methadone and subutex. After the first day of my NHS heroin detox, I was curled up in a ball feeling like death. I couldn't sleep properly for weeks afterwards. With Life Principles, the day after my treatment, I was smiling and laughing. The second day, I slept like a baby. The only side effect was an upset stomach that lasted for about a week.

    Four weeks later Shokat got me off my painkillers. I completely settled down and went back to work after 4 weeks. After 17 years of trying all sorts of treatments, I quit in just five 2h treatment sessions with Shokat.

    I have agreed to a video interview with Shokat during my 12 Month visit but I am happy to talk to anyone who may be worried about the effectiveness of his therapy.

    Heroin Addicition
    Kevin, Solihull
  • "This session worked so well that it reduced my panic attacks by over 90%."

    I was ambushed while driving home from work and shot six times, twice in the chest. To all intents I should be dead but I survived the trauma but suffered from massive panic attacks after that. I had tried every sort of help, such as psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling and anti-depressants but nothing worked.

    Shokat tried every trick in his toolkit but could not get rid of my panic attacks so about nine months later he asked me if I wanted to try something really radical as used by the American Military with a cure rate of over 80%. I did as I was told followed by a 3-hour hypnotherapy session. This session worked so well that it reduced my panic attacks by over 90%. I can now live a normal life without panic attacks or flashbacks of the past and enjoy totally undisturbed sleep.

    Shokat told me that some people have freaked out when he suggested this technique to them and decided to have nothing more to do with him. I am glad that Shokat is a free thinker rather be bound by stupid rules that only short change us all.

    God bless you Shokat.

    Massive Panic Attacks (PTSD)
    Tony, Solihull
  • "I lost eight stone in weight (with hypnosis) and kept it off without too much effort over six years."

    My name is Natalie and I came to see you for weight loss in March 2006. Since then I have gone from 20.4 stone to 12 stone. Not only have I managed to lose over eight stone in weight but I kept it off without too much effort over the past six years.

    My family and I are so happy that I had this treatment.

    (I bumped into Natalie when I walked into a new opticians that opened up in Great Barr. The lady behind the counter said don't you recognise me then proceeded to tell me of her story. This sort of thing happens all the time. I went to Aberystwyth in Wales and sitting opposite us was a family and the guy kept looking at me, then made eye contact and said I am Kevin. I came to see you about four years ago to quit smoking cigarettes and cannabis and I have not touched a cigarette or spliff since. Now how cool is that? Accolades wherever you go!)

    Weight Loss
    Natalie, Birmingham