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What Life Principle Clients Say


“I need to find someone to bring me here as I cannot drive by himself. Even when in a car with someone else, I suffer from panic attacks as soon as I get on the motorway. I am paranoid as to how I can get to the clinic which is 10 miles away from my home.”

I have always been fit and healthy I drove a lot and went where I wanted. About 3 months ago I got married. A week before my wedding I was driving and couldn’t catch my breath, I had to pull over and was taken to hospital. After being checked over they gave me the all clear and said it was a panic attack.

Being a muslim I was taken to a priest and he told it was black magic. I was treated and feel a lot better however at the minute I cant drive on motorways. I panic as a driver or passenger, also walking long distances I keep thinking am going to have a panic attack? I have seen a hypnotist before, it helped to a certain point.

With the work I do, I need to travel and fast, which is why am enquiring as you say you can treat me in 2 sessions. I know my situation with the priest is unique and so understand if you can’t help. I also do not have a lot of money with not working with my situation. I find it embarrassing to tell anyone. So how much it a session?

If you could contact me asap so I know if you can help or not? Cheers. Ash. 

This is Ash, after the first session of therapy. He got his brother-in-law out of the car, jumped into the drivers seat and drove off without the slightest hesitation. Later on in the evening, he drove back from his home to to the clinic all by himself. After the second session he reported that he has lost all fear of driving or going on motorways. Later on in the week he drove all the way to Leeds by himself, which is over 200 miles away without even flinching. This is the remarkable power of our unique system.


“I can’t thank you enough for giving me my son back.”

I don't know if you remember me. But I'm James mum. I just won't to say thank you. As you gave me back my son. He has not smoked or taken any drugs since you last seen him. There is no way I can thank you enough but may the great creator bless and keep you and yours safe and may he bless you a 1000 folds xxx

Thanks for making my day. Can I use this and your name for my website? What’s your name? Shokat

Oh yes. Mine is julie, I have told so many people of the work you do and what you have done for my son. I even took James to the Jeremy Kyle show That did not work ,,, I can't thank you enough xxx Don't you think that the government and the NHS should support people like us rather than do everything in their power to put us out of business? Shokat It's all money they would lose out. I wish I should have come to you instead of the NHS as they made a big boobo and killed my hubby. I'm just taking them to court. If only he would be alive, if we new about you ,,, god bless you xxx

If any future patients are questioning your methods (to quit alcohol) I would happily tell them not to. THIS WORKS!!!”

Why would you want to spend thousands on a rehab when you can get your life back in less than two hours and at a fraction of the price? Sound too good to be true, then read on/…

Dear Shokat, I have to write and tell you how impressed I am with your service. I have been in a world of turmoil for over 8 years. Binge drinking, binge eating and occasionally Cocaine frenzies. This lead me to become sluggish, fat, depressed and lonely as well as loosing my job. I have tried everything to help myself but having a stubborn mind and challenged each option knowing it wouldn’t work. Weight Watchers, Councelling, Alcohol Councelling, Anti Depressants, Personal Training and then a Gastric Balloon inserted for 6 months. These were a few of the options I took. I was desperate and lost. I searched the website for answers to my problem and your website came up. I looked at it thinking rather skeptically that nothing can be 100% and that it would be another fad that failed. I was on the verge of taking out a loan for a gastric band knowing this was a permanent fixture. I didn’t want to go through the operation but felt it the only way to help me stop this self destruction of my body. However, I chose the option to attend Life Principles (thinking can this really work?). Well two weeks into the programme and I have not had one drop of alcohol since the day of hypnosis and I am also eating healthier. I have lost 6lb and know I am going to get to the goal of being healthy and slim. I do have 3 stone to loose but know I can do this with your help. If any future patients are questioning your methods I would happily tell them not to. THIS WORKS!!! (as long as YOU want it to work). In addition, Shokat, you have been very generous and helped my daughter to overcome her eating disorder and clear her mind of past emotions which will help her to become healthy and more positive. Thank you and I look forward to telling you I have reached all the goals that for so long have been locked away from me. Diane, Coventry.


“It’s like I have been given a new lease of life (by quitting gambling).”

I can’t understand why the government is granting more and more licences for casino’s and endorse internet gambling. Almost every high street has a betting shop or casino of some sort. This mindless onslaught on our society is crippling people. On average my clients have lost about £100,000. And all for what, a pointless exercise. The only way to win through gambling is to become a bookie because the odds are always staked against you. Helping you to quit gambling for us is a no-brainer, we do that all the time.

Before the treatment: “I (Amrik) lost so much money on gambling…(sobbing)...I have been gambling for 10 years and I found there was no real help out there. I had counselling, several times…that didn’t help. The counsellor told me that the ‘root cause’ of my problem could be related to the death of my mother; but what use was this knowledge if I still continued to gamble? I was put on anti-depressants…which made me drowsy…but it did not take away the compulsion to gamble. When I lost thousands of pounds through internet gambling, I tried to kill myself. My doctor told me that if I ever tried to take my life again, he will have me committed. I am now at my wits end. I just don’t know what to do anymore. It’s been over two months since I had my treatment with Shokat. After the first session, I lost the compulsion to gamble. After the second session, I came to terms with my mother’s death. It’s like I have been given a new lease of life. I just can’t thank-you enough. Amrik, London.


“After the first day of my NHS heroin detox, I was curled up in a ball feeling like death.”

The orthodox method of treating heroin to say the least is ‘stupid’. Who can devise such daft method is beyond me. You don’t need to go through the pain or misery – it’s possible to quit in three 2h sessions over three days flat.

Before coming to see you I had tried a two week and a four week drug detox. The NHS also put me on methadone and subutex. After the first day of my NHS heroin detox, I was curled up in a ball feeling like death. I couldn't sleep properly for weeks afterwards. With Life Principles, the day after my treatment, I was smiling and laughing. The second day, I slept like a baby. The only side effect was an upset stomach that lasted for about a week. Four weeks later Shokat got me off my painkillers. I completely settled down and went back to work after 4 weeks. After 17 years of trying all sorts of treatments, I quit in just five 2h treatment sessions with Shokat. I have agreed to a video interview with Shokat during my 12 Month visit but I am happy to talk to anyone who may be worried about the effectiveness of his therapy. Kevin, Solihull.


“What followed was nothing short of a miracle – I quit crack-cocaine instantly.”

I just can’t understand why people are spending a fortune trying to come off crack-cocaine when we have consistently got people off these drugs in two hours or less? I know the government and the NHS has money to burn using dangerous and ineffective methods but I thought individuals had more common sense?

I started smoking crack when my business flopped about ten years ago. It was all downhill after that. I held down a good job but became estranged from my wife and kids. I would blow the whole weeks wages in one day and was perpetually broke so my brother paid for the therapy. We travelled down to Birmingham with my brother and sister during Ramadan 2012. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. I quit so easily for several months, had one relapse, came to see Shokat again and he has put me back on track again. I feel that our prayers have been answered at last. We can't find the words to thank you enough, you have changed my life. Waqar, Preston.


“Cocaine addiction – gone after just one session.”

Did you know, it’s easier to get someone off cocaine then it is to get them off cigarette? We get people to quit cocaine in two hours or less and we have been doing just that over the last 10 years.

Cocaine addiction – gone after just one session. Adam, about my cocaine addiction. Before the first session I was craving up to pay day quite bad. I would spend sometimes, a third…two thirds of my wages on cocaine. So I came here with an open mind and for the first few days it started to dawn on me that the session had totally transformed the thoughts in my head…just did not need to go get cocaine…it’s just not in your head at all…It’s amazing. When I was lying here after the session, it just felt like I come around from sleep. Then for a couple of hours, maybe three to four hours afterwards, not drowsy, but comfortable, but you definitely wasn’t thinking about going to get any cocaine. At that point you know, you’ve been here, and it’s on your mind that you want to stop anyway. But I say, it dawns on you a day or two later that I’ve not had thought about getting any, I’ve not had the cravings. From then on, even three weeks later, it’s been exactly the same, with no thoughts like that…it’s fantastic.


“Are you the hypnotherapist I saw two years ago?”

I went to see my optician and the girl behind the counter said “are you the hypnotherapist I saw two years ago?”. She looked very familiar but I failed to recognise her. So she proceeded to remind me; “My name is Natalie Sappleton and I came to see you for weight loss in March 2006. Since then I have gone from 20.4 stone to 12 stone. Not only have I managed to lose the weight but I kept it off without too much effort.” I thanked her for her story and asked her to come back for a video testimonial. I told her that she had just made my day.

My name is Natalie and I came to see you for weight loss in March 2006.
Since then I have gone from 20.4 stone to 12 stone. Not only have I managed to lose the weight but I kept it off without too much effort. My family and I are so happy that I had this treatment.
Natalie Sappleton.


“I tried to kill myself when I could not cope with life.”

My name is Pete. I am 39 years old. I am director of my own business...a very busy and hectic business. I have been suffering from depression for the last two years. I tried to commit suicide two years ago...and been on very strong anti-depressants for the last two years. Before I called Shokat I was trying to come off my tables for six to seven months. Tried every angle I could; dropping the dosage; different dosages; taking it down but I would hit a real low so I couldn't do it. I was recommended to come and see Shokat by a friend (Sofia). I came to see him and he assured me that I wouldn't need to take my anti-depressants tablets again after one session which I didn't believe. And sure enough after one session I stopped my anti-depressants, I never took another tablet and for two to three weeks afterwards I had the most massive high, feeling exhilarated and excited every day. I had this weird feeling that I had my whole life in front of me...I levelled off and It felt very normal now for the last three months. I had no problems at all, not even thinking I wanted to go back to my anti-depressants. I can't thank you enough; I think you have done such an amazing job. Peter.

“Sleeping problems, gone in an instant”

Sleeping pills don’t work! They help you sleep quickly but provide you with a bad quality of sleep (you only get a few hours sleep), leaving you feeling groggy for the rest of the day. Over time, sleeping pills are extremely addictive. I had to get one client to come off taking 70mg of Zopiclone per day (normal dosage is 7.5mg). Now this will surprise you – the best insomnia cure on the planet is – wait for it – Good Solid Hypnotherapy but don’t expect your ‘ignorant’ doctor to tell you that. By the way, it takes a lot of skill to hypnotise someone who just can’t sleep and has enormous problems relaxing – seek out an extremely good hypnotherapist. Now read on/…

Shokat is my friend and also my next door neighbour. A little while ago, I developed a problem with insomnia, and I could not sleep. My GP give me some very powerful sleeping pills, but even after taking these, I was finding it difficult to sleep. In fact, I was walking around severely depressed like a zombie. No matter what I did, I just could not sleep. I was at my wits end. I spoke to Shokat about my sleeping problem and he said why did you not tell me earlier. Anyway, Shokat called me over as soon as he was free and I got the privilege to lie in his comfortable hypnotherapy chair. He connected me to all his machines and two hours later my problem was solved. That night I slept for the first time for days. I did not need my medication which promptly went in the nearest bin. I have not needed to take my sleeping pills since that date.Brian.


“My life has been blighted with fear of driving on motorways and travelling away from home.”

Phobia’s are extremely easy to deal with using hypnotherapy. The problem is, most people don’t know about that and the NHS will not tell you about it either. In fact the NHS and GP’s will deliberately withhold life saving information from you and push you towards dangerous and ineffective methods that just don’t work or make your problem even worse. And at one time I used to think that the NHS was there to serve us, now I realise it’s there to serve the medical profession and the drug companies.

My life has been blighted with fear of driving on motorways and travelling away from home. I also get very nervous when I have to deal with crowds of people. All of this was a month ago before I came to see Shokat. After two sessions of his unique therapy my condition has improved by 80-90%. My husband drove me to Cornwall and I just loved the journey - normally I would drive my husband mad and could have caused accidents. My daughter gave a small party and at time I had to go through crowds of people 17-deep and rather than the fear, I actually enjoyed the experience. The only part I have not tested is going abroad as we have no money left this year but in my mind that no longer a problem. My life is immeasurably better as a result of this treatment and my family are delighted with the results. Anne.


“We get professional endorsements all the time. Here is one from Acupuncturist of the highest quality.”

We get people from all walks of life that need our help from office workers to multi-millionaires. We also get a lot of professionals such as teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, practice managers to health managers. Some people don’t mind sticking their neck out, breaking the mould and providing us with endorsements.

Shokat's work is very deep and he treats the roots of the problem too. His hypnotherapy is of the highest quality and linked with his bio-energetic work creates a very strong positive effect. I have personally been treated by Shokat, Leon Southgate, acupuncturist.


“The power of our laser and bioresonance machines to help you overcome any substance addiction.”

A lot of people dismiss the power of our bioresonance machines to get you to overcome your addictions. The testimonial below will demonstrate the power of these awesome systems. This is the second time someone came to quit smoking cigarettes but also quit drinking – magic or what? We can’t share our commercial secrets, but can you understand why having a three pronged approach is better than just one (laser, bioresonance and very advanced hypnotherapy)?

Having been a fairly heavy smoker for nearly 30 years, I had previously tried EVERY other method of quitting with varying degrees of short-term success, including hypnotherapy. July 14 2009 marked my 15th month without a cigarette. This has, by far, been the easiest and most effective way to ‘quit’. I have had my moments and some days were harder than others, at least at the beginning, but - in the main - it has been a breeze. I am a few pounds fatter, but a lot fitter. I smell better, I look better and I am sleeping more soundly. And, my family is a lot happier. A notable side-effect has been a distinct lack of interest in drinking. Although I wouldn’t consider myself to have been a heavy drinker, I used to really enjoy a drink and a cigarette..now I’m as happy with a water or diet-coke. Davida, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


“I no longer harm myself or feel depressed.”

Amina’s Dad quit smoking cigarettes and her mum lost weight with our help. They were sufficiently impressed to refer their daughter to us. The medical profession failed abysmally to help their daughter with her depression and tendency to self-harm. Where the NHS failed, miserably, over seven years, we succeeded in just one session. Here is her story:

“After the first session I felt more positive. I got on with my course work without hesitation – this surprised me. I felt calm and relaxed and there was no sign of stress I had experienced before. Not only did I make a lot of progress with my studies but I also balanced it with recreational activates by going out with my friends. Not once was I tempted to harm myself. All of the problems of my past were no longer bothering me." "My complexion had improved significantly and I was no longer losing my hair. I can’t believe it’s possible to feel this good."

Amina came for her 3rd check-up on 23/10/2009. She was so bubbly and effervescent, unlike the lost soul we saw in Feb 2009. Not once has Amina tried to harm herself. She has agreed to a Video interview which will be distorted to keep her anonymous in early part of 2010.
Amina, Birmingham.

“So many testimonials and so little time to compile them.”

“We decided to build a brand new website which is great but the most important part, the content got left behind – bad mistake. Now, I am working in between my clients to try and address this problem. I have to also accept the fact that some of the information such as the old videos that I did not transfer to YouTube are now lost to history, so only a subset of the orginal content can be transferred to the new website.”

The other problem is that there are just so many people who have quit cocaine, a smaller number have quit crack cocaine and even a smaller number have quit smoking heroin, so who do I pick for the this exercise?  Anyway, everything up to crack-cocaine is a doddle and can be undertaken in just one 2h session. Treating heroin or severe alcohol addiction (50 units per day) can take up to five 2h sessions over 3-5 days.”

If you have doubts about the therapy then we can always find a client who is willing to talk to you. Once, I take on a client, and if the client stays committed to the programme, then there is no question of failure. Failures only take place with the odd client who lets money become more important then quitting and aborts the programme too quickly. Every person who has persevered has quit with flying colours. Anyway, what do you have to lose except your nasty habit? Why not call us now and get ready to reclaim your life. It's so easy with our help. Call now! Shokat Ali.


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