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“Free from Alcohol, Insomnia and Anti-Depressants after 10 years”

Here is a Philippa who came to quit drinking with our help but we totally changed her life. Listen to her story in her own words:


Worried about our success rate? Just take a look at what some or our clients are saying about us!

Our clients are encouraged to let us know of their progress after two weeks, then come in for a check-up between 3 to 6 months and then after 12-months. The ongoing progress is documented at each stage and signed off by both parties. For some things such as smoking (anything) we also keep a record of the carbon monoxide tests taken over the course of the programme. We have over 330 videos on YouTube (and growing) where our clients share their experiences. Here are just some of them:


“I quit drinking, smoking and overcame my depression with your help. I now have a life thanks to you.”

“Don’t be duped by expensive rehabs?”

Every year hundreds of people quit cigarettes, cannabis, drinking (regular, heavy, binge), gambling, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and virtually every other drug you can think off with our help. Others have overcome their emotional problems (fear, phobia, depression) and psycho-shematic problems such as insomnia, IBS, ME, Fibromyalgia, pain (emotional and physical), and other conditions just as easily.

Why waste your time, effort and emotional energy looking through flashy brochures or expensive price tags thinking that a higher price tag will buy you a better service – in most cases it won’t. If they were that good then their attrition rate (relapse rate) would not be so abysmal – we pick up most of their failures.

“I have been snorting cocaine since the age of 16. I have been to a two week rehab (£8,000) and relapsed after a month and half. I had one session of hypnosis which lasted a day. I had six months of counselling and managed to abstain for three weeks. Then I had 5 sessions of bioresonance (cost thousands) and started taking cocaine after one week. I also admitted myself into the Priory for three weeks – they were RUBBISH! I quit snorting cocaine with you in the very first session. When I came back two years later, you also helped me quit drinking and gambling free of charge. My wife and I are more than willing to give you a glowing video testimonial during our next check-up date. James, Sussex.” 

“I quit snorting cocaine and also quit smoking cigarettes with Life Principles. It was so easy with your help.”

Many people do not want to admit that they had a cocaine problem let alone give a video interview. Four new families have decided to provide us with a video interview on how their son/husband quit snorting cocaine with our help. Look out for this video which will be posted on YouTube very soon. If there was a fair playing filed, than people like us would be booked for five years ahead, and there would hardly be anyone going to useless charities, expensive residential rehabs, the NHS or useless government quangoes such as Aquarius. There will never be a fair playing field for the therapist in this wretched greed driven world – our videos are trying to address this problem to some extent.

Here are five brave people sharing their experiences of overcoming their alcohol addiction with our help:

In the majority of cases expensive residential rehabs are not necessary. Addictions to cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol (binge or regular), anti-depressants, gambling, cocaine, katamine, and crack cocaine can be dealt with in one or two 2h session – no, you do not need up to pay thousands on a residential rehab. Heavy drinking or smoking heroin takes about five days. We can also deal with multiple addictions at little extra cost. It’s really quite easy when you know how. 

“My family and I quit smoking cigarettes, stopped drinking alcohol, lost weight and overcame fear with your help.”

In terms of value for money there are not many clinics who come close to us. Also, no one in the UK combines good solid hypnotherapy with a laser system and four bioresonance systems (we upgraded to the latest e-Lybra 9 system in Oct 2009 and acquired the coMra device in 2011). Most importantly, no one has our proprietary ‘Luggage of Life’ system. Other clinics like the Priory are 20 to 40 times more expensive yet enjoy abysmal success rates – most people revert back within weeks of coming out.

No one even comes close to our results – we turn around other peoples failures from all over the world and are considered the clinic of last resort by many people. No wonder we have helped thousands of smokers to quit smoking since we got started in 2002 – we have totally re-written the rule book for treating addictions and depression. We have also lost count of how many people we helped with other issues from cannabis to alcohol to cocaine to crack to heroin (smoked) to gambling to depression.


Here is someone who has quit everything under the sun, cannabis, alcohol, crack and heroin. Not only did he get his life back but he has reinvented his business. His life is immeasurably better as a result.

Why are we so successful? Simple, we have discovered a method of speeding up the healing process with our proprietary ‘Luggage Of Life’ programme. We can get better results in two hours then achieved by four years of non-directive therapy or with useless anti-depressants. We have also discovered how to take people into the most intense trance where it’s possible to make massive changes to people’s behaviour in just one to two sessions. This is why we can get people to ‘snap out’ of their self-destructive behaviours or clinical depression with the utmost ease.


My friends and family quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking alcohol and lost weight with your help.”

“The NHS has totally lost the plot.”

Don’t expect the NHS to help you either – they have totally lost the plot when it comes to addictions and emotional problems. Look at the pathetic way they deal with a ‘no-brainer’ like smoking cessation; they hardly ever succeed, we hardly ever fail. If they were a private enterprise, they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago and rightly so. However, the NHS is allowed to get away with pathetic results over 8 years (5% success rate with smoking cessation according to a Oxford University Study) that would not be tolerated more then 8 weeks in the private sector. I suppose the motto in the NHS should be; “So what if it’s useless, at least it’s free!” If you want to know why state funded monopolies are bad for us then read the document below: 

“Here is someone who has tried every daft method the NHS has tired to get him to quit smoking without success.”

We know of one doctor who has lost faith in the NHS smoking cessation service altogether – he says that every patient he has ever referred to this useless service has failed to quit smoking. Now he advises his patients to seek help outside the NHS. We are also beginning to see more and more people from the NHS drug rehabilitation services, smoking cessation advisers, PCT Managers, Consultants, Counsellors, GPs and psychiatrists coming to use our services to help them quit smoking, drinking or taking drugs such as cocaine. In fact some GPs are referring members of their own family to us for help with mental health problems rather than sending them to see a psychiatrist. So if the NHS offering was so good then why are the NHS employees coming to use our services?


“Here is lady who compares the useless NHS addictions programme with our safe, simple and highly effective method with zero side effects.”


The drug industry’s answer to helping you overcome an addiction or depression is simple – let’s just kill them for their own good. Why take extremely dangerous psychotropic drugs (most anti-addiction agents are psychotropic drugs that kill people), lasting several weeks, when all it takes it a few hours of your time and a small amount of money to put all of your worries behind you. 

“Here is a couple who were badly let-down by the NHS, finally quit smoking with our help.”


Failures are becoming an alien concept at Life Principles

Once you enrol on our fixed price packages, we spend as much time as is required to help you succeed without charging you an extra penny. Once we help you overcome your bad habits, addictions or anxiety we look after you for 12 months at no extra charge. The only way you could fail with us is if you leave the programme prematurely – if you don’t quit during the first session (95% do) then we turn things around during the next session. This is why we like people to stay overnight if they are travelling from a distance so we can see them for two sessions over a two day period.

Even if the hypnotherapy fails most people can still quit with one or two sessions of Laser/Bioresonance. On the other hand some people just do not respond to Laser/Bioresonance in which case good solid hypnotherapy combined with the ‘Luggage of Life Programme’ is a true Godsend. 

Here is a family of six people who quit smoking cigarettes and cannabis with our help.

If you suffer from depression then don’t try NRT, Pills, Bioresonance, Laser or AC – Quitting may tip you over the edge. By the way, anti-depressants including two awful psychotropic can also take you over the edge – the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that they double the suicide rate, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned all pilots from taking these tablets, the Public Citizen wants the sales of these pills banned for 7 years and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) thinks that ALL psychotropic drugs are a danger to humanity and should be banned outright. The only thing you should consider is good solid hypnotherapy (or in combination with laser/bioresonance). Don’t penny pinch either – go to a very competent hypnotherapist (the more depressed you are the more difficult you will be to hypnotise) so simple 30 minute clinical hypnosis costing £50 will not do. Also seek help with your depression outside the NHS – taking anti-depressants or nasty psychotropic drugs like Prozac is not the answer – according to a massive study at Hull University in 2008 they are no better than a sugar pill but with dangerous side effects including doubling the suicide rates. According to another study, these pills can also reduce your life expectancy by up to 40%.

The same principal applies to the occasional binge drinker, smoker or drug user (this is more a psychological problem and not a physical problem), so anything apart from good solid hypnotherapy (or in combination with laser/bioresonance) is not the best answer. If in doubt then please give us a call – talking to us will cost you nothing and may even save your life.

Here is Peter sharing his story of how the NHS put him on anti-depressants which became very addictive. We got him off the anti-depressants in one two hour session with no side effects.

Comparison of our system with the competition

Bioresonance (the right system) or laser only clinics deal with the physical part but not with the psychological part or the habit (You still need a lot of willpower to succeed and you can put on a lot of weight or become depressed). However, they are still far better than the dangerous and ineffective methods used by the NHS (which require tons of willpower, can take up to 12 weeks, you can put on 1-6 stone in weight, you can become severely depressed, and their drug based methods can potentially kill you).

“After wasting £1,400 with a Bioresonance clinic I came to see Life Principles. I quit snorting cocaine in a day. Shokat also helped me shed all the negative emotions of my past. He also bolstered my confidence to enable me to deal with my current trauma (girlfriend left me). After the therapy I quit taking my anti-depressants with the utmost ease. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to overcome their addictions and emotional baggage. I was surprised I felt so good without my pills. I just felt so alive and vibrant. The procedure is quick, easy and utterly painless both emotionally and physically. Coming here has been the best decision of my life. Toby R.”

There are numerous documented cases of people dying from the use of NRT and pills but absolutely no cases of anyone dying from Laser, Bioresonance or Hypnotherapy. When you compare the success rates and the cost:benefit ratio between the chemical methods and natural methods than you find there is no justification in the world for the dangerous and ineffective chemical methods what-so-ever. 

Here are three generations who quit smoking cigarettes with our help.


Now, moving on to our safe holistic methods:

Overcoming any addiction with our system is much easier because it affords true freedom at all levels:

Bioresonance + Laser + Solid Hypnotherapy + Luggage of Life Programme = TRUE MENTAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM!

Because this system also deals with the HABIT you don’t put on weight or become depressed after you overcome your addiction.

By the way, we deal with every other addiction apart from heroin in exactly the same way. So whatever the problem, overweight, cigarettes, spiffs, cocaine, crack, alcohol or gambling then your search is over.


Here is Sunny who overcame his compulsive gambling problem with our help.


Have you heard people say that hypnotherapy doesn’t work?

The only people who seem to report back to their GPs are the ones that fail with hypnotherapy (after going to a substandard hypnotherapist) and want free help on the NHS. So after a little while when someone asks their GP if they should try hypnotherapy they are told to save their money and try the NHS instead. There is an ulterior motive as well; they get handouts from the PCT for every person that is sent to the NHS clinics. The chemists get £150 and the councillor/GP gets £75. By the way if you do tell your GP that you quit smoking with hypnosis then at the end of the year you will be counted as a success for the governments stop smoking programme which uses NRT and pills for which the GP earns a cool £75 but it undermines hypnotherapy and other alternative methods such as Bioresonance and Laser – yes it’s a pretty sick world we live in – there is no justice for the therapist or the client.

People who have successfully quit smoking with hypnotherapy but revert back to smoking many years down the line think that it should be just as easy to quit smoking with the NHS. However, they end up tearing their hair out but they cannot quit. The difference between quitting smoking with hypnotherapy and with the NHS (or any other method) is like the difference between the new HD 1049P-TV and the old 405 line Black and White TVs of yesteryear – I mean there just is no comparison. So once someone has realised how it feels to quit with hypnotherapy then nothing else comes close to it, not NRT, tablets, Laser, Bioresonance or AC Clinics. Also, when someone has used our combined system nothing, not even simple hypnosis comes near it – it’s so eeeasy to quit with our system.


Linda talks about how easy it is to quit smoking with the use of good hypnosis.

People are under the illusion that hypnosis is hypnosis so why pay more when you can get someone to help you quit for just £50. If you are lucky you may quit smoking but may end up putting on weight or feeling depressed or both (less likely with hypnosis but still possible). If you are unlucky then you may fail dramatically and end up telling everyone that hypnotherapy doesn’t work. Hypnotherapy works like a dream if you do it right, so I suggest you go to a specialist and pay a decent amount of money to quit smoking. A specialist can also make sure that you don’t end up putting on weight or feeling depressed. The simple truth is that ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘there are no free lunches in this world’. So if you are spending £1,500 a year on smoking then £300 (payable by instalments) to quit smoking with a specialist who will look after you for a year is no big deal. This will allow your habit to finance the programme in eight weeks and then you can save £150 per month for the rest of your life. As no one fails with our help this is not a cost but a benefit that you cannot measure with money – what price do you place on your health, £50?

By the way Allan Carr’s method (bless his soul) is not hypnosis. His system gets you to understand the psychological dependency of smoking but does not actually deal with any of the three parts of the addiction (physical, mental or habit) at the unconscious level – you can only do that using hypnotherapy. Allan Carr himself quit smoking with hypnosis, not with his own system. If hypnosis was good enough for Allan Carr, its good enough for the rest of us don’t you think? 

This is how Hollywood Stars and our clients quit smoking with the use of hypnosis.

Our Bioresonance system has enjoyed phenomenal success all around the world.

We use the Bicom 2000 and the e-Lybra 9. Our preferred machine on your first visit is the Bicom 2000 and the new e-Lybra 9 on every subsequent visit. This way we can use the best qualities of both systems.

The Bicom 2000 is acknowledged to be the Rolls Royce machine for addictions but does not require a formula – it requires a substance. This is why you need to bring one un-smoked cigarette with you at the time of the appointment. You smoke 2/3 of this cigarette and put the ash, the stub and your spittoon into a beaker which goes into the machine just like it was shown on Richard and Judy show and on New Zealand TV. Once the machine has this information it takes away the physical cravings in under an hour. It’s like being on those stop smoking pills for 12-weeks but without the ‘anticipated death sentence’ – lots of people have killed themselves after taking those tablets.


This is Mark Sainsbury of New-Zealand TV talking about three journalists who quit smoking with Bioresonance Therapy.

Our Laser system is used by top clinics all around the world.

We also use a laser system that releases natural endorphins into the body and thereby removing the physical cravings for a cigarette. Most people can quit smoking with one or two sessions over a three day period. It’s a bit like acupuncture but without the needle and the corresponding torture. The videos below explain it all:

We use the same equipment as FREEDOM laser clinics in the USA. We use the same method as the clinics in the USA but are more through and provide better after-care support. Not only do we get people to quit smoking with laser but we provide 12 months free after-care support. Just two sessions of laser therapy over three days will get you to quit smoking. 

Here is News-on-Four talking about how the Scottish Health Service is achieving some wonderful results with the use of laser therapy.


How we help you succeed in every area of your life

If you travel from a distance and stay overnight in Birmingham then we will provide you with two sessions over the two day period at no extra charge – we always go the extra mile. Some people elect to stay over for three days, we have no problem with that – the money is not our only motivation – your success is.

If you have problems with the money then you can pay half of our fee to get started and spread the rest of the fee over several months at no extra cost. It could’t be easier to quit with our EasyStart programme where you let your own bad habit pay for the programme. Most addicts recover their money in two months time after quitting.

It’s easy to get your life back with our help. Once you walk through our doors then we are 100% committed to helping you achieve total and complete success. 

If you got this far and you still need more information then you can always watch our 4h online video below:


Hypnosis is God’s gift for mankind.

This video will help to get rid of some of the misconceptions you have about hypnosis. Hypnosis is God’s gift for mankind (if undertaken correctly).

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Our System - Client Testimonials 2


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