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The information below talks about cigarettes but is just as applicable to other addictions such as: cannabis, gambling, alcohol, cocaine, ketamine, crack-cocaine, heroin and other opiates, all recreational and pharmaceutical drugs such as sleeping pills, pain killers and anti-depressants.

Opiate and severe alcohol addiction requires consecutive treatment over three days – all other problems can be dealt in one or two sessions. The methodology also applies to the new deluge of designer drugs that are causing havoc on society such as M-Kat. Quite frankly, whatever the problem we can help, from insomnia to full blown clinical depression.

“Before coming to see you I had tried a two week and a four week drug detox. After the first day of my NHS heroin detox, I was curled up in a ball feeling like death. I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks afterwards. With Life Principles, the day after my treatment, I was smiling and laughing. The second day, I slept like a baby. The only side effect was an upset stomach that lasted for about a week. Four weeks later Shokat got me off my painkillers. I completely settled down and went back to work after 4 weeks. After 17 years of trying all sorts of treatments, I quit in just five 2h treatment sessions with Shokat. Kevin.”

Deep Hypnotherapy

We use some very advanced forms of deep hypnosis combined with NLP and Timeline to eliminate the mental conditioning and boost your willpower (Our client shown in deep trance on the left). Achieving the desired goal is extremely easy when you are at the right level of hypnotic trance because as soon as your unconscious mind realises that this habit is not actually supporting you, but opening you up to physical or emotional harm, it will change like a light switch. The cravings will disappear in an instant and your willpower will go through the roof, making it easy for you to say ‘no’ to that thought of that substance or process addiction (say gambling) and allow you to get on with your life without your emotional crutch.

Our safe hypnotherapy system ensures that you won’t substitute food for the substance/process addiction. Group hypnosis or any other method of quitting carries a risk that you will put on weight, become depressed or both. This just cannot happen with our unique one-on-one hypnotherapy system.

Our advanced hypnotherapy system provides the following benefits:

  • Instantly remove the cravings/desire for the substance/process addiction.
  • Amplify your will-power enormously so you can easily turn your back on your self destructive habit/behaviour.
  • Full insomnia cure to make sure you can sleep without your addictive substance.
  • Identify and eliminates addiction triggers so you do not trick yourself into your old addiction/habit ever again.
  • Make sure you don’t substitute unhealthy habits such as overeating instead of your addiction.
  • Increase your core strength so you stay calm and relaxed without your addictive crutch.
  • Remove all the emotional pain of your past which may be the route cause of your problem in the first place.
  • Help you deal more effectively with the anxiety of your past, present or future.
  • To make sure you don’t become depressed, fat, or both after giving up addiction/habit.
  • Nothing on God’s given Earth comes close to the power of good solid hypnotherapy for all sorts of addictions. emotional and psychosomatic problems. 

Hypnotherapy has proven so effective that the health industry spends millions on rubbishing it and misinforming the public of it’s benefits. Hypnosis and natural methods can put the corrupt drug industry out of business if allowed to flourish in a fair, open and honest plying filed. 



We use different types of bioresonance systems to help you overcome your addictions. This is achieved by balancing your body to the state of a person who never had a substance or process addiction problem. This is why people who have had this treatment sometimes claim that it’s the calmest week they have enjoyed for a long time. We own six systems. The MK6 XXX-Pro, the Bicom 2000, the e-Lybra 9, the coMra, miHealth Scaner device and recently the proVision scanning and bio-field balancing system. 

The Bicom 2000 system (top left), was featured in the all the TV shows and press releases such as the BBC and New Zealand TV – we use this on day one. The e-Lybra 9 compliments the Bicom and holistically rebalances your body to perfect state – we use this on the second day. These systems, when used together, are incredibly effective for addictions. We have dealt with everything from cigarettes to heroin with great success. This combination is also very effective for “permanent cures” of Hayfever and allergies of every sort - information is medicine of the future and holds so much potential for human, animals and plants.

We acquire new informations systems every year. The coMra, a Coherent-Multi-Radiance-Therapy device (just one coMra probe shown above), was purchased in 2012. It’s use overlaps the benefits of the other two bioresonance systems above.

We purchased the NEC proVison system (shown left) and the NEC myHealth system (shown below) in 2013. The miHealth and proVision are major developments in the emerging field of energy medicine, a scientific approach to healthcare that works on your body’s energy and information fields. The miHealth system can be used on body and off body to correct the human matrix-field (the matrix field is created by the body and used to communication information between cells).

The proVision system is used to scan the body and correct imbalances in the human bio-field (the bio-field is created by the body and becomes distorted due to environmental, chemical or emotional stress). This has many uses including rapid and long-lasting pain control (75% pain reduction in two sessions).


The advantage of bioresonance are:

  • Remove the memory of the substance from your body – this stops the cravings in their track. 
  • Energetic balancing allowing you to stay calm, relaxed and grounded.
  • Removal of poisons from your body in record time using bio-reduction technology.
  • Deal with every addiction such as cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, crack and heroin.
  • Balance your body holistically helping you with your underlying biological imbalances at the same time.
  • Bioresonance technology is being used by the Russian Military to get raw recruits off nasty drugs like heroin.

We must not overlook the Cymatics MK6 XXX-Pro device shown left. This has been used all over the world for equine (horses) and to treat other farm animals. It can also be used to treat a multitude of problems in humans and plants. This was the very first bioresonance system we acquired.

Our love of energy medicine does stop there. We are also the proud owners of the Beautytek, non-invasive beauty system shown below. 

We have more kit than some of the top Harley Street clinics.

Beautytek DeviceBeautytek FaceBeautytek Facelift

Bioresonance technology has also enjoyed the most favourable press coverage such as the BBC News, Richard and Judy Show and Newzealand TV.

Besides these systems we also have the full Dr Raymond Rife (the F-117 Rife Machine shown below) and Bob Beck systems for treating cancer and a multitude of diseases energetically. These system simply shake the pathogen causing the disease to death. Even some brain tumours are now thought to be caused by worms which cause the mutations.  Dr Rife in 1931 demonstrated a 100% cure for cancer but was killed-off by the drug industry for threatening their sick monopoly on health and especially on cancer. The UK success rate for cancer is 2% and the USA 3% and they call that science. 

Quit Smoking Laser (IQS) Therapy

To understand the laser system you need to understand the mechanism of substance addiction. For instance when you smoke a cigarette it boosts your endorphin levels ‘feel-good’ hormones allowing you to become satisfied or anxiety free. However the levels drop off after a couple of hours producing a craving in the pit of your stomach for another fix. It’s like a class-A drug. When you have another cigarette the endorphin levels go up and you feel satisfied again. Smokers, in a way, are always trying to reach the same state that non-smokers enjoy naturally. This is also true of all other substance and process addictions.

The laser was purchased many years ago to make sure that clients coming from abroad did not rely just on hypnotherapy to get them to quit smoking. Two sessions, over two days with the laser, even when the hypnotherapy went pare-shaped (failed). still managed to save the day. Yes, we know how to wipe the egg off our face and turn it around with our flexible approach.

Omega2Omega Laser

The laser works by boosting the endorphin levels by stimulating acupuncture points on the ears, face and hands. The endorphin levels produced in this way stay at a high level for a number of days eliminating the need for your fix. The laser is completely pain-free and is used by thousands of clinics around the world to get people off heroin let alone tobacco.

  • Stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural chemical, which deals with the relief of pain and stress.
  • Laser treatment helps reduce the craving, stress, and restores balance.
  • Reduce detoxification side effects such as headaches, irritability and sleeplessness.
  • By the way the laser therapy is very similar to IQS. The only difference is that we use a deeply penetrating laser beam to stimulate acupuncture points whereas with IQS uses electrical stimulation instead.
  • Laser system is being used in Scotland to get people to stop smoking at a cost of £1,200 (ouch). It is also being used by the FREEDOM clinic in the USA who process hundreds of people per day – a true production line.
  • Laser treatment is being used in Afghanistan to get people of heroin addiction.
Proven by Middlesex University to be more effective then any pharmaceutical drug including Champix.

Blue Light Healing

This is part of our Luggage-of-Life programme where we eliminate all of the pain of your past using a very special technique we have developed in-house. This allows us to get people off all sorts of things including anti-depressants and also deals with the reason they got depressed or addicted in the first place. All the negative emotions from the time you were born to now are eliminated. After this you will find it easy to process emotions, so you can handle life’s challenges in your stride – a priceless gift for life that simply cannot be undone.

These are some of the benefits of this therapy:

  • Remove all anger, fear and guilt of your past.
  • Remove the emotions from all the traumatic events of your past.
  • Eliminate all your phobia’s. 
  • Remove all your self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving total success.
  • Help you to reprogram your mind with less painful history. 
  • Help you to programme a wonderful compelling future.
  • Teach you how you can use self-hypnosis to heal your physically and emotionally.
  • Teach you how to create powerful anchors that you can fire off when needed to get rid of cravings, pain and anxiety. 
  • Teach you how to create powerful aversion for the substance or process addictions.
  • Teach you how to use powerful visualisations to help you create a wonderful future without your addictions. 
  • Help you to make peace with the people who have hurt you in the past.
  • Help you to deal with people in your life who are still intimidating you.
  • Teach you to like/love yourself and to accept anything life throws at you. 
This technology has been used to give people a life who had no life. It has helped many people come off anti-depressants and the misery of morbid depression, self-harm to full blown anxiety and panic attacks. This is the sort of information the drug industry don’t want you to know about and would prefer to keep you on utterly immoral and useless anti-depressants for life – psychiatrists and doctors have now become a part of the problem rather than the solution. It’s a sick world where the so-called experts make things worse for you. 

Our combined system

We also teach you the four things you need to do in order to be happy – this is embedded deep at the unconscious level so it becomes automatic. We also teach you how to use simple mind control to get rid of anxiety and to deal with future events that may trip you up. Finally we teach your about simple but highly effective nutraceuticals that will help with the detoxification process and also repair the damage you may have done to your body.

This combined system has an almost 100% success rate. In fact it’s very difficult for people to fail with us even if they are almost impossible to hypnotise.

Towards the end of the 12 month programme we give you two strategies, a psychological one and a physical one – this will allow you to recover from the odd slip-up and ensure that you never go back to your old self-destructive habits again. These strategies will allow you to enjoy, say, the odd drink without becoming a full-blown alcoholic again. 

In fact, what we offer in a way is a permanent cure, something that is considered a dirty word in the health industry – this is why the NHS and the government, who are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry will never tell you about these things. 

This combined system has got people off drugs and/or anti-depressants when every other method has failed.


Change your Future

Saving Lives – Beating Addictions – Banishing Depression

If you think Life Principles is just another hypnotherapy clinic, you are mistaken. The owner of this clinic, Mr Shokat Ali, comes from an engineering background giving him a unique perspective on clinical therapy. Using a combination of cutting edge technology, alongside extremely potent hypnotherapy he achieves a startling success rate.

Hundreds of former customers testify that this combination of treatments works. The practice deals with absolutely everything: gambling, internet, pornography, sexual obsession, gender identity or sexuality, insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and any soft or hard drug addiction such as: cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), ketamine, Khat (Qat), crack, heroin, opiates, designer drugs and any addiction to pharmaceutical drugs such as: anti-depressants, sleeping pills or pain killers.


“If someone has tried everything and failed, they should come to us” says Ali. “We are based in Birmingham and most of our clients drive over 100 miles to get their life back with our help.”

Most people can overcome their addictions in 2 hours or less, compared to 3-12 months on the NHS addiction programme. Clinical depression can be dealt with in four hours or less, compared to the NHS protocol of putting patients on anti-depressants for indefinite periods or even for life. “Unfortunately, the NHS hardly ever succeeds in helping people overcome their addictions or depression, but in contrast we hardly ever fail. If the NHS was a private enterprise they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago (and rightly so!)” says Ali.

This type of combined therapy is suitable for both adults and children of all ages, and has a success rate of over 95%. Treatment is always flexible and individually tailored, and provided the client is 100% committed to completing the programme, the chance of success is 100%.

Still want to hear more? Why not talk to some of our satisfied clients who are happy to share their experiences of overcoming all sorts of addictions.

If you are ready to change your life, call Life Principles. It will be worth it… and it’s even available on the Easy Start Programme.

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