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An economic case for non-drug methods of treating disease
Why state funded monopolies like the NHS are bad for us
Depression – A Trillion Dollar Industry that has not demonstrated a single cure

A National Disgrace – part 1
A National Disgrace – part 2
Corruption in the health industry

Here is a letter to Her Majesty the Queen on the corruption in the health industry together with a response from Buckingham Palace.
Using this link you can also access our online brochure (with price-list) and our online book called Addictions, The Addictive-Truth.

A letter sent to Her Majesty The Queen on the corruption in the health industry
A response from Buckingham Palace
Attachment sent with the letter to the Queen
Letters of support from our clients

Any good therapy clinic will sooner or later fall out with the ASA who mean well but they don't understand our industry and who have some daft rules that ultimately deny the general public a choice and also serve to protect the monopoly on heath by the drug industry and their side-kicks in the medical profession. Anyway, read our response to the ASA and judge for yourself. 

Our Response to the ASA

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Brain State Mastery

Master NLP Trainer

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