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    Our depression system compared to the NHS system similar to the one used in the Priory.

    Horror story of someone whose life was destroyed by psychiatry and anti-depressants used by the Priory.

    Compare the above with our incredibly safe method that is light years ahead of the NHS.

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    As an example, everyone knows that the use of DCA, DCS, Laetrile, DMSO and ascorbic acid (mixed with H2O2) given intravenously can kill every pathogen imaginable. If you then make massive nutritional changes in order to alkaline your body (Dr John Walker – book on Juicing or MSM supplements or NaHCO3 therapy) and flood your body with oxygen (Dr Johanna Budwig – Cottage Cheese + Flex Seed Oil or The One Minute Cure Book), followed by Rife Treatment and/or (other forbidden protocols), than you can go into spontaneous remission from virtually any disease imaginable, without antibiotics or drugs. You can cure your own full blown flue virus without the ‘useless’ flue-jabs (we can explain this), or antibiotics. You can also be free from even end stage cancer within 12-16 weeks using these protocols but you never get to hear about them. However, if you belong to the BMA then you are barred from offering these life saving interventions to the public. Killing people is okay by withholding life saving information, but treating them with the most effective treatment protocols available in the world is just not on, for which you could be struck-off.

    Look at people like Dr Bob Beck, Dr Rike Hamer, Dr John Holt, Dr Tullio Simoncini, Dr Max Garson, Dr Ronald Rife, Dr Hulda Clarke, Nurse Rene Caisse and Aldous Huxley, people like these were either killed-off, put out of business, sent to prison or struck-off because they challenged the health industry and their sidekicks in the medical profession, on the way they treated cancer. The conventional treatment for cancer has a 2% success rate in the UK, and 3% in the USA (so when your oncologist says we must put on you on an aggressive course of chemotherapy then think again whose side is he on – not yours). If alternative therapists could have the shackles removed (remove all legal restrictions that the health industry has managed to get into place to protect their sick monopoly), death from cancer would be reduced by 50% overnight. Maybe this example is a bit extreme, but it makes the point quite nicely.

    Disclaimer: This is not medical advice but my own thoughts on the use of alternative treatment – if in doubt about any health issues, please consult your doctor.

    Our Letter to Her Majesty The Queen - Corruption in the Health Industry 

    Response from Buckingham Palace

    Response from The Department of Health

    This link to a third party site – it’s as if I had written it myself – great minds think alike don’t you think?  This is the stuff you should be taught at primary school so you can stay healthy without ending up at the mercy of a corrupt health care system that is only interested in making money out of your misery:

    What Would I Do If I had Cancer or Other Chronic Disease?

    These are some of my favourite websites that tell it the way it is. They don't mind calling a spade a spade. 

    Independent Cancer Research Foundation 

    Health Wize Report 

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