Think The Anti Alcohol Pill Will Fix Your Drinking Problem?

Shokat Ali - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anti Alcohol PillIf you are wanting to quit alcohol you may have considered trying the alcohol pill which may become available on the NHS soon. It sounds great, doesn’t it – pop a pill to stop your alcohol addiction!

But – you have guessed it – things that sound too good to be true are exactly that.

How does Nalmefene (trade name Selincro) work? Basically, it alters your brain mechanisms. Alarmingly, alcohol can cross your blood brain barrier and will bind to certain brain cells, or their opioid receptors to be precise. Because of this, it makes you feel good when you consume alcohol. Not only that, but you crave more and more. The alcohol pill can mimic alcohol molecules in that its chemicals bind to the same receptors that alcohol would – the difference is, however, that cravings are suppressed.

In theory Selincro will in fact reduce your alcohol intake BUT IT WILL NOT STOP YOUR ALCOHOL ADDICTION. Nor will it deal with the psychological dependency that most alcoholics need to conquer before coming clean. For this reason, Nalmefene will NOT be offered to severe alcoholics.

You have to ask yourself: Do you really want to flood your brain with man-made chemicals? On top of your addiction issues, do you want to expose yourself to possible side effects such as nausea, headaches, hypertension, drowsiness and many more? All this without tackling the root of the problem?

We don’t think so, and many of our clients agree! Do what is right for you, your health and the wellbeing of your family – speak to Life Principles about quitting alcohol addiction in Birmingham – for good!