Is the alcohol pill for you?

Shokat Ali - Friday, October 24, 2014

Alcohol Addiction Treatment BirminghamYou may have heard about the alcohol pill on the news. A widespread roll-out of Nalmefene is currently being considered by the NHS at a shocking cost of £288 million PER YEAR – but is it for you?

The drug with the trade name Selincro promises to lower alcohol cravings so that your overall alcohol intake can be reduced. Notice that it will not stop you from having that initial drink – and this is where we think the approach is fundamentally wrong. Yes, you are likely to drink less BUT you will not free yourself from alcohol addiction, nor will you tackle the psychological dependence on drinks. To overcome alcohol addiction YOU NEED TO STOP DRINKING ALTOGETHER. In fact, Nalmefene will not even be offered to severe alcoholics who surely need help the most.

Bear in mind that research was actually conducted with patients who wanted to quit drinking. Is this a scientific approach? Surely the drug must also be tested on people who have no intention on stopping their alcohol intake – only then will we know how good Selincro really is.

We are told that the pill will work best in combination with counselling. Ask yourself: if you want to give up alcohol would you not want to get help on stopping that first drink – not the second or third? Why put yourself through psychotherapy only to reduce your alcohol intake? That simply does not make sense, does it?

Cut your perceived dependency on alcohol, never drink one drop again. Speak to Life Principles to stop drinking in Birmingham.