Help with Depression

Julie Paarmann - Friday, April 25, 2014

Help with DepressionIf you or a friend or family member have been feeling low and you are not sure whether you are depressed or not, below are a few common symptoms that may help you find the answer.

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Everybody feels low once in a while, especially in today's demanding world. Depressive thoughts however go on for long periods of time and sufferers cannot find any way out of their low moods. You cry easily, often for no reason and you cannot make any sense of it.

Energy levels are extremely low, and this lethargy can impact all aspects of your life, starting with getting up in the morning and struggling to get anything done which would usually not be a problem at all. Depression patients often also suffer from a low libido, so the relationship with your partner also often suffers.

Another tell-tale sign is weight loss brought on by a loss of appetite. Suddenly even food lovers struggle to prepare a simple meal. Some people tend to comfort eat and put on weight instead.

All of a sudden you cannot get excited about anything, even on a beautiful summer’s day you cannot get motivated. You probably realise that something is wrong but you just seem to be unable to make any changes, which in turn upsets you even more!

Our treatment for depression can help you help yourself without the need for medication so do get in touch.