Gambling Addiction – Is It Ruining Your Life?

Julie Paarmann - Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Is gambling all you ever think about? Are you preoccupied with the thought of where you can gamble next? Then it may be that you have a gambling addiction and need help to overcome your gambling urges.

Although gambling doesn't necessarily cause any medical problems in itself, when a person who is addicted to the rush of gambling hits a losing streak, as they always will, then the stress of needing more and more money can cause severe problems with their health.

However, because of the need for more and more money to feed their habit they will try and win “big” to alleviate the losses. It's very rare that they will recoup money this way and will find that they are lying to their loved ones or even turning to crime to fund their gambling habit.

These days, with the internet and scratch cards everywhere, it's easier to fall into a gambling addiction. If you find that you are falling into the trap of gambling then it's best to seek help immediately, speak to a friend or a loved one but do get help as soon as you can. Gambling addiction can ruin lives, don't let it ruin yours.