Depression Treatment in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Thursday, April 10, 2014

Depression Treatment BirminghamNearly all of us have know about treatment for depression, either from direct experience or indirectly. Hands up if you know someone that has or is still taking antidepressants. Or perhaps you have suffered from depressive thoughts yourself. There appear to be many reasons that can cause a person to develop depression. For example, pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, ‘mid-life crisis’, unexpected changes in your life, bereavement, unsatisfactory working environments, weight gain, unhappy relationships, loss of work, a cheating partner, loneliness – the list is endless.

If you feel you need help please speak to us. Life Principles can treat depression in Birmingham WITHOUT the need for antidepressants. We work in a non-clinical, homely setting that will make you feel at ease. We will treat you as a person, an individual with a unique past. All sessions will be explained to you and it will soon become clear how our techniques can stop you feeling the way you do at the moment.

But what happens if you are already taking medication to tackle your low mood and sadness? We can help you come off the pills and find a way to free yourself from all the emotional baggage. In fact, we have successfully developed our own antidepressant addiction treatment.