Conquering Gambling Addiction in Birmingham

Julie Paarmann - Monday, March 31, 2014

stop gambling BirminghamConquering gambling addiction can be a tricky bridge to cross because if you are susceptible to the allure of chance there are hundreds of legal temptations placed in your path daily.

Lottery, betting shops, casinos, scratch cards and bingo halls all populate our high streets. Someone suffering with gambling addiction is never far from the chance to test their skill and nerve. If you have a smart phone then the temptation through apps and websites is ever present.

Like with any addiction, a gambling addicts first step must be to admit honestly to themselves that they have a problem. Only once you realise the seriousness and all consuming nature of your gambling addiction can you truly start to recover.

Giving up alone is not impossible but with the help of a support network and advice from professional councillors and people who have faced similar problems your chances of relapse are significantly reduced.

Gamblers Anonymous provides a common meeting place where you can share problems and solutions to the difficult challenges ahead. Unlike drug or alcohol addiction where medication is available to discourage your addiction, giving up gambling ultimately requires will power and a change in the way you view the world.

Hypnotherapy is one positive solution to those nagging doubts and pangs. You can receive counselling and therapy sessions that are designed to explain and help you manage your gambling, making it easier to lead a bet free existence. Stop betting in Birmingham.