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About Life Principles and why we produce results.

We succeed where others fail because we do not abandon our clients at the first sign of trouble (on our fixed price programmes) and we always find a method of turning things around for them. We normally don’t give up on our clients unless they give up on themselves first. And if our clients stay committed then we can always find a way to help them succeed.

Our ethical business model prevents us cheating people – in the extremely rare cases where we have not been able to help our clients.

We have given a full or a partial refund – hanging on to a clients money when they have not benefited from the treatment would only add insult to injury! Most people come to us as a last resort they are very vulnerable and the last thing we want to do is to cause even more misery by holding on to all of their money if they have not received any redeeming value in return.

Because of our unique protocol you can expect a 95% success rate in the very first session – we hit all the addictions with a big sledge hammer using Laser, Bioresonance, Deep Hypnosis and the Luggage of Life Programme.

However, if you are among the 5% of the people who are still struggling after the first session, then you will get as much free help as you need to quit then a limited number of sessions over the 12 month period.

So book with confidence – the only thing you can lose with us are your bad habits.

Our Team

LifePrinciples are a member of the Birmingham Chamber of Trade and Commerce and a member of the Hypnotherapist Register. LifePrinciples are fully insured to work with Laser, Bioresonance and various aspects of Hypnotherapy.

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Shokat Ali BA

  • (2.1 Hons OU), Post Graduate Diploma (A project short of an MSc with the Open University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis
  • Qualified to offer help to CFS/ME/IBS/Fybromyalgia sufferers
  • Qualified to deal with Children’s Problems
  • Qualified as a couple counsellor
  • Qualified to Teach Self-Hypnosis courses,
  • Qualified in Pain Management
  • Qualified in Mind-Band Therapy,
  • Self-Taught Preventative Health Practitioner
  • Certified NLP, Timeline and Hypnosis practitioner
  • Inventor of the Blue-Light Healing system that has helped him revolutionise his hypnotherapy practice.
  • Stop Smoking Advisor Training with the Heart of Birmingham (HOB) Teaching NHS Primary Care Trust.

Full References and certificates available on request.

Shokat always tries to stay two steps head of the competition.

  • In 2006 Shokat integrated a Low Power Laser (LLP) to his hypnotherapy practice with great success. The failure rate dropped to less then 5%.
  • In 2007 he integrated a third generation bioresonance system (e-Lybra 8) into his hypnotherapy practice reducing the failure rate to less then 2%.
  • In 2008 he combined NOESITHERAPY (Dr Angelo Escudero*), Hypnoesitherapy and Pain Management (Andrew Newton**) into his hypnotherapy practice.
  • In July 2008 he combined a forth generation bioresonance system (Bicom 2000) into his hypnotherapy practice reducing the failure rate to zero.
  • In 2009 he introduced a unique programme for treating acute anxiety to full blow clinical depression. He demonstrated that depression was linked with unresolved negative emotions and can be easily treated with deep hypnotherapy. He has helped scores of people come of psychotropic drugs (anti-depressants) with the utmost ease.
  • In 2009 Also replaced the outdated e-Lybra 8 with the much more powerful e-Lybra 9 bioresonance system.
  • In 2010 Shokat introduced an Electroencephalograph (EEG) system to precisely measure the depth of hypnotic trance.This instrument has helped him prevent some dramatic failures. He also became a registered mind band practitioner; a system where you can lose all the weight you want to lose without expensive and dangerous surgery.

* Dr Escudero has undertaken thousands of surgical operations using psychological anesthesia.
** Andrew Newton trained Paul McKenna.

We use all of these techniques which have an incredible effect on the long-term success rate for entrenched addictions (chocolate, cigarettes, cannabis, cocaine, alcohol, Ketamine, crack-cocaine to heroin) in addition to pain control, stress management, anxiety to full blown clinical depression.

As a result Shokat is the only hypnotherapist in the UK who offers ‘guaranteed success’ for all of his programme’s. In Shokat’s view the only people who fail are the ones who leave the programme prematurely.

Shokat has had a varied career. For the first 10 years of his working life he has worked as a Freelance Electronics Engineer after graduating from DeMontford University in Leicester.

Shokat studied part-time for eight years with the Open University obtaining a Upper Second Class Honours Degree in Software Engineering and later a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. Shokat became a Chartered Engineer with the British Computer Society and worked as a very successful Freelance Software Engineer for next 10 years but eventually gave that up for his love of Preventative Health Care.

Shokat working at Marconi Avionics back in 1978 as an Electronics Engineer. Shokat has many projects to his credit including the communication system in the New York Underground Railways. At BT Marltsham Heath research labs he also made a contribution to the highly successful Works Manager project.

Shokat developed his passion for Preventative Health care he has studied hundreds of industry recognised books on the mind, body, nutrition, exercise and how the pollution in our food and our environment effects our health. He also obtained many qualifications in the field of human excellence finally leading to a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2004.

Shokat Pictured with his new born Daughter – a delightful moment and proud family man.

Helping friends, family and the public is a passion of mine and im years ahead in this business“, Shokat quoted on an interview recently [July 2012].  And “I’m proud of my family and our achievements to help the public (from all walks of life) with their problems.”

In 2005 Shokat was invited to appear on the Raj TV Health programme. In the first programme Shokat helped Said Khan, the presenter to stop smoking on TV in just one session. Later Shokat went on to help Said Khan take control of his eating habits. The programme was so well received that Shokat ended up with his own TV programme called ‘Shokat Treatment’.

Said Khan talking about how easy he found it to quit smoking with Shokat live on TV “The People at the BBC and Raj TV were astounded and astonished that he managed to stop smoking so easily with Shokat’s help.”
Shokat is the only hypnotherapies in the UK who has managed to get someone to quit smoking cigarettes/cannabis and overcome cocaine/alcohol abuse live on TV.

Shokat with Dee Nicholles helping her lose weight using hypnosis live on TV. In six months Shokat helped Dee overcome a problem she had invested thousands of pounds to overcome but failed. She had been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for many years and nobody had been able to help her. After six months of seeing Shokat Dee’s IBS has been cured for good

Later on in 2006 Shokat also became the presenter of his own TV Shows with full autonomy on the programme content. He has made about 10 episodes so far. The programmes ranged from Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acute Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Cannabis Abuse, Cocaine Abuse, Confidence, Alcohol Abuse to Public speaking.


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